A homemade Christmas garland and some other decorations

I had grand plans to decorate our tree entirely with handmade decorations this year but I just ran out of time. In fact, this hasn’t  been a huge year for  handmade decorations, but we have managed a few.

We made this salt-dough star garland which I am loving so much I think it might hang around for a lot longer than just this festive season.

We simply made some salt dough, cut the star shapes and baked it until hard.

While Sophia painted the stars

Olive earnestly painted her own masterpiece and parts of herself. See our tree in the background. It’s a real 7 foot pine and it smells divine.

The final touch was to give the tails some sparkle with this gorgeous icy blue glitter.

Now I look at it, this would make an equally good 4th of July garland which, since I’m an American citizen I tend to mark, if not actually celebrate. It’s got that good old red, white and blue feel about it.

My mum made this beautiful Christmas cake for us.

She found the Father Christmas decoration at a local store. I just love the jaunty way she’s positioned his feet. But my favourite bit by far is the icing ribbon beneath him with its little silver cachous.

My mum makes at least one cake like this every year. When I was little I remember carefully lifting up the thick, red satin ribbon she had tied around the base of the cake and picking off some of the royal icing to get to the layer of almond paste below. I have always been mad for marzipan and knowing there was a rich vein of it just beneath that pristine white surface proved too tempting. I don’t recall what she did when she removed the ribbon to cut up the cake to have with afternoon tea, traditionally on boxing day, but I’m pretty sure it might have involved some “thinking time” alone in my room.

Here are a few other scenes of Christmas cheer around the twirling betty house this year.

The pinecones and mushroom are beautiful and very delicate polish glass ornaments that I couldn’t resist buying this year. Although there have been quite a few jokes about polished turds, (as opposed to Polish turds, I suppose) floating around in the vicinity of these beautiful pinecones. Yes, they’re pinecones. Not Christmas poos. Because it wouldn’t matter how shiny they were, there is not much that’s festive about Number Twos.

I hope to be back with one more quick post tonight to give you a little peek into our Christmas Eve.

3 thoughts on “A homemade Christmas garland and some other decorations

  1. oooooh i’m so envious of that cake! it’s so cute and like yourself, i’m mad for a bit of marzipan and don’t have any on this years christmas menu 😦 my beautiful nan used to buy me marzipan fruits religiously for Christmas, so miss those! i just made a yule log-total disaster but smothered it with icing and tacky decs and came up trumps! have a great christmas x

    • Aaaaah, marzipan fruits. Love’ em. What a lovely tradition. And such a ‘nannish” thing to do. Are you going to post your yule log. I really hope so. A friend of mine’s mother makes one every year and always decos it with some bizarre and slightly “wrong” thing. Last year it was a little plastic cat who appeared to be wiping its bot bot on the log. Had me in stitches.

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