More fun with the Zoku frozen pop maker


We’ve been having so much fun with our  Zoku. Isn’t this rainbow icy-pole gorgeous?

I don’t usually have commercial cordials in the pantry but at the moment I am making exceptions for anything that can be Zoku-ed. What’s that? Blue cordial full of colour and flavour and preservatives? Can it be Zoku-ed? Yes? Bring it on in then.

And I must admit that I can’t take credit for what you’re about to see. This was my husband’s creation and because I was out and he knew I’d love it so much he took a photo of it. What a man.

We’re not sure exactly how he achieved this effect. It’s a mix of mainly clear apple juice and a touch of raspberry cordial.

I think of this as the geeky Zoku pop because it reminds me of those models of molecular structures we used to have in our science classes at school. I anticipate many hot (as in from the weather) nerds arriving on my doorstep in search of this: the pinnacle of Zokuvian scientific research.

Did anyone get a Zoku for Christmas? Anyone else been having a great old time  experimenting with their Zoku?

God, that does sound extraordinarily like a cheeky euphemism. It reminds me of the fellow on a dating website my friend was looking at who listed among his hobbies “tinkering with his Maloo”. My girlfriend and I were in hysterics over it and it’s become  a stock standard response in these parts when someone asks one of us what we’ve been up to: “Oh, you know, just tinkering with my Maloo”.

PS: A Maloo is a kind of car. So this fellow would have us believe. Yeah, right.

10 thoughts on “More fun with the Zoku frozen pop maker

  1. we got one!! I dropped it and cracked the orange rim before i even made my first batch. doh!
    You have been far fancier than I.
    First batch was lemonade and jelly babies, they didn’t like the way the jelly babies went soft :/
    since then I have made chocolate mik,
    frozen pineapple pieces in juice
    and my last round was vanilla yougurt with strawberries (hubs an i loved it – kids not so much.
    I am going to stick with the yoghurts for awhile and see if i can sway them.
    enjoy xx

  2. Oooh, I love soft jelly babies. I must try that. With the yoghurt one, did you sweeten it? Or use sweet yoghurt? I tried to make one using natural greek yoghurt mixed with lots of honey and walnuts (was going for a kind of greek theme) but they wouldn’t dislodge from the mould. Was my first fail. But then when we had tried natural yoghurt with some strawb jam swirled through another time, it worked?
    Next up: riceypoles!

  3. I asked for one but didn’t get it. 😦 I think my Kris Kringle giver was too afraid to buy online but now I see they’re in the shops. Oh well!

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