Queensland Flood Relief Appeal Raffle


I have sat numb and horrified watching the footage of the devastation wrought by the floods in South East Queensland over the last 24 hours. It’s almost incomprehensible.

Then there are the lost lives. And the ones still missing. It’s just gut-wrenching.

{Image from Sydney Morning Herald website}

With inestimable damage already done and more floods predicted, the crafting community has already been galvanised into action by a number of people and projects joining forces to raise funds.

I’m joining Toni from Make It Perfect‘s fundraising drive and I’m holding a raffle here to raise funds for flood-affected families. The prize is a $60 twirling betty voucher plus a  $40 donation to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal in your name.

Here’s how it works:

Entry is only $5.00 and is payable directly to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. Once you’ve made your donation, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know you’ve done it and you’ll be entered into the draw.

The raffle is open to everyone ie, overseas readers are more than welcome to donate and enter. There are instructions in the link above about how to donate if you are overseas.

Lots of blogs are holding auctions and raffles and other fundraising schemes so make a note to pop over to Make It Perfect on Friday 14th  (Australian AEDST) to check Toni’s master list of everyone participating.

The raffle closes at midnight (AEDST)on Monday 24th January, 2011. EDITED TO ADD: Wednesday, 26th January at 12 midday (AEDST).

My heart goes out to all the families affected by this and I am hoping so hard we don’t see any more tragedy. But I fear that we might.

Please do consider donating $5.00 (or more if you’re inclined).

Let’s you and I raise as much as we possibly can.

9 thoughts on “Queensland Flood Relief Appeal Raffle

  1. Done! It almost broke my heart last night hearing about the 4 year old boy who died. My little boy turns four next week and I had to hug him extra hard last night thinking a mother is out there without her boy.

  2. I keep wanting to cry all the time too. Especially when I see how many poeple are now turning up to help clean up. It restores your faith in humanity.
    I have made a $5 donation this morning and I will make some more and come back. Receipt # 3190200.

  3. Good on you for doing this, I had every intention of donating but hadn’t until now. If you hadn’t so kindly provided the link I may not have not gotten around to investigating. So well done to you. Such an awful tragedy.

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  5. thank you for putting together this little post…it’s great to discover all the various ways people are getting together online and helping out…i’m new to the blogging world, but am in awe of what is going on here…donated a small amount to the fund – and really appreciate your idea to contribute more as part of the ‘prize’…

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