On an evening in Roma

One of my “ciao” clips was included in a lovely treasury by Kiddins Design on Etsy.

It’s called “On an evening in Roma” which is particularly relevant for me because Sophia was born in Rome.

Some of you already know just how much Rome means to me but this little story illustrates the tragic and almost hilarious extent  to which I am emotionally attached to Rome.

Do you know that song “Goodbye my Lover” by James Blunt?  Well, it came out just as we were leaving Rome and every time it came on (and it was played ad nauseum) I bawled my eyes out. No, not because I was being separated from my husband or something normal like that, no I was crying because I was leaving my beloved city.  Well, I never said I wasn’t the emotional type.

Deep breath. Right, back to the treasury at hand. Some very cute picks here but I bet you can guess which one is my favourite?

On an Evening in Roma by Kiddinsdesign

Valentine’s Day…




Pair of Vespas – 4x…


Red roses Fifi medi…


Vacanze Romane Post…


picnic cocktail nap…


Olive You – Pillow …


Copper and Lace Nec…


Handmade wallet tr…


Green felt stamped …


set of italian wine…


Ciao Bonjour, Print…


Venice Italy -Gondo…


cottage stripe and …


Red and blue foular…


SALE 50% off: Scoot…


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com.

Yep, one of those cheeky OLIVE YOU pillows will be coming to live with us very soon.

For another Italian-themed Etsy treasury you might like to have a look at this one I put together a while back called Primavera Picnic featuring all the things you might need for a Spring picnic in the Italian countryside.

Just before I go, a couple of things: I hope to be back in the next couple of days with a tutorial for something Valentine’s related but sheesh it’s taking ages to put together.

Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU so very much to the people that have made a $5 donation to the Premier’s Relief Fund for the devastating Queensland flood and are now entered in my raffle to win $60AUD worth of twirling betty goodies plus a further $40 donation made to the fund in their name.

I am extending the raffle for a few days and it now closes on Wednesday, 26th January at 12 midday (AEDST). I’ve amended my previous post to reflect that change.

So you’ve still got time to make a difference to the people who have been through so much and lost so much in Queensland. And the chance to win some fab prizes to boot. And if twirling betty goodies don’t appeal, then do check out the masterlist of auctions and raffles over on the Make It Perfect blog. There are SO many wonderful things to choose from.

Ciao belli!


5 thoughts on “On an evening in Roma

  1. hmmm…I wondered what the clip was about – I thought maybe that was you and handsome husband featured in it?

    ….Love love love that pic of you with the baby belly in Roma x

    • Ummmmm, nope that’s not us. Just two people who look REMARKABLY like us. Especially in my case. And thanks for your comment about the photo – glad you liked the pic. Was such an amazing time for me. Yep, you were totally right, I’ve peaked.

  2. Aaawww I remember your love story about Rome when I told you the sad news that I had to leave my beloved city Melbourne. I really don’t want to think about how long it has been I left Australia otherwise I’ll bawled my eyes out ;-). My only thoughts are to remember the beautiful times with you, your girls and our other new friends and to come back as soon as possible.
    I always love to read your posts and I am so happy that your business is such a success!!! Good on you!!! Sending you lots of love from far far away 🙂

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