More love than you can handle

I’m not quite ready to relinquish the loved up-ness of the past few weeks. What with Valentine’s Day and my last three love story posts, I’ve still got that lovin’ feeling. So I thought I would share just a few more little things that warm the cockles and then, my friends, it’s back to hardcore craftoir.

As I’ve mentioned before, my handsome husband and I don’t really go in for Valentine’s Day very much but when I saw these pencils, I couldn’t resist getting them for him.

I bought these from lovely Etsy seller Knot and Bow and she shipped them extra quickly from New York so that they arrived right on V Day. Lovely.

I recently bought this little cross-stitched cardiograph from Ukranian Etsy seller Skrynka.

How cute is it?

Finally, after kind of a rough week a little while back, I arrived home one afternoon to discover a present on my front door step. My gorgeous friend Luisa saw this wrapping paper and the hearts reminded her of stuff she had seen in the past on this blog so she picked it up for me.

Made my day, it did. Absolutely love the colours. It’s designed by Caroline Gardner.

And while I’m sharing some love, can I just say how very, very grateful I was for all the gorgeous comments people left in response to my last three love story posts. I was taken by surprise by the number of comments people left and your positive response overwhelmed me and really, truly made me very happy. Thanks to each and every one of you. I feel so lucky that people read the things I write (some, apparently, right to the end!) , let alone to then have them take the time to say lovely things. Smooches one and all.

Back soon with a couple of tutorials, some “before and after” mini makeovers, twirling betty celebrity encounters and lots, lots more.


3 thoughts on “More love than you can handle

  1. Yep neither can I, have to add that ‘to do list’! Besides we all like reading a bit of craft porn at the very least! Glad you liked the paper! baci ed abbraccio

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