Before and after: the couch

One day I just snapped. Despite having agreed that replacing the couch while the kids were still young was sheer folly, I no longer cared.

I mean, seriously, look at it:

Lest you think we sit on our couch on the front porch, hillbilly-style, I should explain that this is a hastily snapped “before” shot taken at the very last minute.

Unfortunately you really can’t see the true extent of the damage that 10 years of large black dogs (an actual Rottweiler, not depression) grubby hands and drunken guests have wreaked upon its pale hide. At least that massive red splash (which I hope is red wine but can’t be sure) down the closest side does give you a small taste of it.

One trip to IKEA later and we had ourselves this:

It’s a little hard to see, but it’s actually L-shaped which works really well in our small space. Even better, it has a pull out trundle-bed thingy that pops up and makes it into a double bed. AND it has a large storage drawer underneath. I know, I know, it’s basically the holy grail of couches.

The gorgeous cable  knit cushions I had made by the absolutely lovely Tanya of Strikk on Etsy. LOVE her stuff. And they are every bit as cosy and delicious as they look.

I made the other cushions using some of my precious Florence Broadhurst fabric (that I mentioned in this post). I decided to really take my time with them rather than my usual cowboy approach and was pleased with the result. I even put in invisible  zips by following this fanstastic tutorial.

I do loves me my Flo Bro.

The final touch was this wonderful cushion.

Do you love him or think he’s strange? I adore him. Look at his broidsed spout and little gold tooth. He came from another Etsy seller alison alison. I want one of her elephant cushions too.

Already our new couch is decorated with stains and smudges and general evidence of life. But I try to ignore it. After all, evidence of life is always a good thing. Especially considering the alternative.

18 thoughts on “Before and after: the couch

  1. I love your whale – I was given a rabbit and he takes prime position on our couch.
    I love your new couch too. I was planning a trip to ikea to look for a new couch (ours is also very rottweiller loved) – what is its name? ( the couch that is not the dog)

    • Hi Melanie. The couch is an Ektorp but I think that style is actually discontinued…but there might still be floor stock. Although we bought ours last year. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Perhaps they’ll have something new but similar.
      Do you mean you got an Alison Alison rabbit pillow? Lov those too. And the owls…and the turtles…

  2. Ahhh! I am pining for a new sofa and this looks perfect for our space. Must. Sweet talk. Husband. I do think your whale (Herman?) is unique in the most fantastic way! Yes, fantastic indeed.

    • Herman – PERFECT! Not least because I bought this little cushion to commemorate my love for Moby Dick, which I had just finally managed to read all the way for the first time. Presume that’s where you were going with Herman? Herm. It’s settled.
      PS: I’m afraid that “L” style is a discontinued line so you might want to hot foot it to IKEA if you’re keen. We actually bought the couch mid last year.

  3. aah, look how clever you are……:-)
    your blog post is also absolutely hilarious – love the way you write (he he).
    well done on your cushion as well – very nice – and check out the zip skills on you. impressive.
    and of course, thank you so much for such a great photo – now i know my cushions have gone to a lovely home (and don’t worry, they’re machine washable).
    very honoured.

  4. hey, stopping by via strikk, love that you did it, and how you did it:a bit of perfectionism combined with a healthy dose of keeping it real and cosy (them cable cushions sure look perfect) with some whimsy thrown in, in the form of the whale. inspiring!

  5. I love that you just snapped!! Sometimes action must be taken when it comes to these sorts of things.

    And the whale – oh, that whale. So fabulous. Melissa and totally discussed doing Moby Dick for the next book because you loved it so much, but in the length scared us away – LONGER than W&P, you crazy person!! But one day I really will give it the old college try.

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