An Easter bonnet and some baking

A couple of Easter  things going on over here in the last week or so.

This is the toned down version of the Easter bonnet we made for the elder baby Betty’s Easter Parade at school.

I went all Lady Gaga on the first version – it had large iridescent eggs around the brim and sequined butterflies and dragonflies on wire hovering over the top. The child took one look at herself in the mirror wearing it and burst into tears. “It’s just too much” she sobbed. Poor mite. Having a mother who attempts to bring her craziest craft ideas to life on your head has to be traumatic.

So we toned it right down and she was happy as a sand flea after that.

That chick on the right is clearly drunk. Disgraceful.

Here’s her little sister modelling the bonnet. After having pulled all the chicks off it.

We traditionally make Easter egg-shaped biscuits and this year we had so much fun decorating them with my new and beloved food pens.

The icing is simply that Royal icing you buy in a lump in a packet from the supermarket and then roll out yourself. I have to say I was kind of scared of it beforehand but it was easy and it totally rocks. Very satisfying to work with.

We painted each biscuit with a little melted jam to adhere the icing and then got to work with the pens.

While not strictly in keeping with an Easter theme, these next three are by far my favourite. First we have Olive

How about my red cheeks? But she has depicted her father’s hair as overly curly. We’re going to talk to her about that. That kind of creative licence is just not on. I mean go ahead and make your little sister look a little like a 50-year-old spinster and your mother a painted lady , but do not, I repeat, NOT make your dad look like Mr Schuester from Glee.

Other than that, I must confess I’m not feeling the Easter vibe that much this year. I’m keen to dye some eggs but not so much so that I’ve actually got around to doing it.

We’ve really just been kind of hanging out these holidays and enjoying not having that morning rush of getting off to school.

Anyone else’s children been using inappropriate creative licence with their Easter creations? Or perhaps you’ve gone all Gaga (and scarred your kids in the process) with some crafting? Do share.

9 thoughts on “An Easter bonnet and some baking

  1. Ha, such a great hat story! And the younger sister photo with the detached chicks is just so typical it made me smile. (‘Tho if my youngest got his hands on that hat, it would be missing more than the chicks!)

  2. What lovely cookies!!!

    And cute bonnets, too. 🙂
    I have not done much eastery stuff yet …
    I wanted to make some decorations with the kids. But am guessing not much of that is going to happen. Well, I am still hoping that it will get easier once the kids get older …


    Ms Muffin

  3. So please…. tell me more about the food pens…. they look like a wonderful addition to my baking armoury 🙂

  4. was not expecting an Easter bonnet post to make me laugh out loud but this is hilarious! I’d like to see the Gaga version please. x

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

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