Before and after: our bedroom


So, we had two not-very-good paintings of Rome and two Ikea side-tables and lamps. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IKEA but those lamps? Loved them for the first day, hated them from the second.

I wanted to make a big change in our bedroom, a place that is (almost) wholly and solely for us. In the sense that our guests don’t tend to congregate on our bed, but rather in the living room. So I felt I could be bolder with this space, safe in the knowledge that whatever I did could be kept a secret if it all went pear-shaped.

So I give you the after (which, in my view at least, worked out very well):

I KNOW!  Are you surprised? Or is it not quite as OTT as I think it is. Really, the only daring bit is the painting.

I’ve had two distinct reactions to that painting. The first: LOVE it. The second: HATE  it but trained in the social arts so will say something  acceptable yet damning in its faint praise like “Gee, it’s big”.

Here’s a trap for young players. If you use heavy-duty, double-sided sticky tape to secure your painting to the wall, it will fall. I don’t care if the box it comes in says it will hold a 50 kilogram mirror. It won’t. If you choose not to heed my advice I do hope yours falls, as ours did, during the day when no one is actually in bed.

For the second hanging ( which is like the second coming only not as exciting) we drilled that sucker into the wall using silver corner brackets.

I really like the industrial look that they gave it. And then of course there’s the added bonus of being able to sleep without fearing for my life.

Also, the photos above REALLY distort the bedhead. It’s actually very uniform. I’m not joking when I tell you staring at that finely striped fabric while I stapled it on actually made me nauseated. But then again, I get nauseated during 3D movies so no surprises there really. Anway, here’s a better pic.

I actually made the upholstered bed head (and, truth be told, got the “new” couch from my earlier post) half way through last year. So really, these transformations aren’t that new. But I only got around to doing the painting a few weeks ago. So it all feels new again.

I made the large cushion covers using a tutorial that has now disappeared from the interwebs but I found this tutorial for you which looks good too. Quick and easy and immensely satisfying.

Only thing is, I’ve never been entirely happy with them.

Before I hung the painting, I loved the orange and blue colour scheme but once I put them against the bed head I’ve just always felt their pattern was too small and busy against those narrow stripes. Since I’ve hung the pic, I now also feel the colours are too matchy matchy. The little pillow at the front, however, is staying. I made that using some vintage fabric from my friend’s mother’s stash and so as well as being a little bit cute it has sentimental value too.

So there are new cushion covers on my horizon. I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabric. And I have plans for a couple of other bits and pieces for our bedroom walls as my handsome husband objects to the doily on the right-hand wall – even if it was one of Betty’s. And I quote “Who hangs a f#*$ing doily on a wall?” But more on those projects to come.

Speaking of the bed head, here’s another tip for young players: don’t try to load your staple gun while peering down the barrel of the spring-loaded staple chamber bit.  Because if your finger slips and aforesaid springy bit comes flying up, it will hit you in the face like a five iron at close range and you will get a fat lip. And come very close to if not actually lose a tooth. Yes my friends, I did sustain a fat lip in the course of decorating our bedroom. And no, you may not see a photo.

I have a question for you: would you enjoy tutorials for how to make my padded fabric bed head (it’s super easy provided you treat your stapler with respect) and my painting (also super easy)? The beauty of both these projects is how customisable they are. If anyone is interested, I am happy to do so.

A couple of other little things. A few people asked where I got the pens the kids used to decorate the biscuits in my last post . My gorgeous sister-in-law actually sent me mine from America. But if you google “food pens” there are suppliers here too. Another lovely reader asked about photos of the original Easter Bonnet in all its tear-inducing Gaga glory. I’m afraid, though, that I can’t provide any as I forgot to take any before I deGaga-ed (yep, that is definitely a word despite the fact my spell checker has put a red line beneath it) it in order to create the toned-down, socially acceptable version. I’m kicking myself for not getting Gaga-ed pics but then again the child was quite distressed and so if I had got photos I might be kicking myself for being a bad mother. It’s a fine balance that: capture craft madness v scar kids for life. I think I got it right in this instance, though.

Finally, my lovely, lovely readers, I hope the bunny delivers the goods (whatever they may be) to each and every one of you. I wish you all a very:

And if you don’t believe me, pop back up to the close-up picture of the fan on our bed and see if you can spot the little creature to my right (your left). Yep, he hopped past just as I took that shot.


10 thoughts on “Before and after: our bedroom

  1. I think it looks great, and I don’t mind those pillows at all! I like the orange/blue. It’s bright and cheerful but not overdone, balanced with all the light colors. And what a difference a headboard makes–I really need to get one for us!

  2. Ah, thanks lovely girl. Yes, I recommend a head board. They bring a squishy warmth to any room! And they’re dead easy. Hardest bit was talking mny husband into walking that sheet of MDF home from the hardward store!

  3. Oh, yes, please! Would love some tutorials! I’ve been wanting to do a headboard (or 2!) for our new house, and we have no art on the walls. Your makeover is inspiring!

  4. Love it! And I’m not opposed to the cushions at all.

    Just noticed your little side bar thingy says that you’re reading The Wishing Chair Again to little Bettys – love! Reading Enid is such a precious childhood memory 🙂 I think my fave was the Faraway Tree. Will have to keep my eye out at garage sales for a copies.

    Thanks for your lovely comments. You make me laugh, funny lady.

    • Thanks Lynne. I LOVE your style so that is wonderful to hear from you. I will definitely keep it as is for at least the next, um, 2 weeks. Decorating ants in my pants!

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