An upcycled wooden planter: a journey from pine monstrosity to herby, flowery delight.

I recently “reclaimed” this from a neighbour’s hard rubbish pile.

It still makes me laugh thinking of my handsome husband’s face when I told him I needed him to sneak up the road under cover of darkest, raining night and grab a large wooden thing someone else was throwing out. I really had no idea what I’d do with. But there was such potential.

I did have a fleeting thought to paint it and then use it to prettily store and display my fabric. I quickly abandoned that idea on the basis that my tiny work space is already kind of overflowing with heavy bits of furniture that won’t fit anywhere else in our little house. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t part with our upright piano for a million bucks, but gee it takes up some room in my little office.

Kitchen storage thingy? No room. Too leany.

Kids toy storage thingy? No room. Too tall.

I finally settled on an idea and after  a couple of coats of paint, some new soil,  some pretty flowering plants and herbs and I had this:

I’m delighted.

As well as the sweet flowers, I’ve also planted rosemary, sage, Italian parsley, oregano, thyme, chives and Vietnamese mint.

I tried to choose things that were season appropriate from a flowering point of view. However, I also couldn’t resist a couple of things that may not last through the depths of winter. But they were so pretty.

The first was the gorgeous, coral-coloured thing the potting lable tells me is a Diascia.

It is meant to flower in Spring so has clearly been hot-housed. So I might only get this one bloom of flowers until sometime much later this year but nevermind. Such a pretty colour.

The second is a strawberry plant.

Again, more a summer plant. But it’s such a a pretty thing with those little white flowers that my heart ruled over my head. Not an uncommon theme in my life I must confess.

We also put some dill, mint, coriander and perennial basil (of which I was slightly skeptical but it is great) into these separate pots.

Mum gave me some golden advice that went along the lines of “You know, Christen, you have to water plants in order for them to survive”. Gosh, if only I had been privy to that secret earlier, I could have been growing things left right and centre all along.


7 thoughts on “An upcycled wooden planter: a journey from pine monstrosity to herby, flowery delight.

  1. I am so envious I would love something like that on my balcony but I literally cannot keep anything alive besides children. My mum bought me a cactus to brighten up the space and when she arrived in March was mortified to see it had passed away. A herb garden is my ultimate garden fantasy. I wonder if you can hire somebody to come and water one pot of herbs on a balcony in the city?!

  2. Love love love it! So clever! And pretty! And useful! Well done–part 2 for the “Secret”–be careful not to OVERwater!

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