My weekend interspersed with ideas for using fabric to decorate cards. As you do.

I’ve had one of those totally flat-out but lovely weekends.

I spent Saturday morning at Sophia’s school fete selling homemade lemonade (recipe here) to raise money for their class. The real-life stall happened after three little girls, who had been playing “lemonade stall” in the playground every lunchtime for a week, came home and begged their respective mums to let them have a real one. Respective mums, in a vulnerable moment, agreed.

I have a repetitive strain injury from juicing over two dozen lemons by hand but I also have a pleased-as-punch 5-year-old who is just bursting to tell her class tomorrow that we raised nearly $80.00.   Well, after we take away costs we raised about $20.00 but we’re not in the habit of taking away dreams (unless we’re very cranky) so we’re not taking away costs either. Plenty of time for them to learn about real life.

I had a gorgeous, Autumn lunch at the house of one of my dearest friends yesterday. It was one of those cosy, just-right afternoons. And then she whipped out her leopard-print designer Snuggie – just when we thought it couldn’t get any better. Laughed? I nearly had an aneurysm.

It was mothers’ day here in Australia today and  I felt very loved indeed I must say. After breakfast in bed (pikelets – yeah!) and snuggles with the girls my Mum and Dad came for morning tea. Mum and I had a “no, you’re the best mother in the world”-off. She won. Because she is.

This afternoon I spent hours and hours photographing some twirling betty stuff for a magazine. I can’t say any more at this point – not least because it might all come to naught and then what a silly sausage I will look – but I am quietly excited.

And also on my list this weekend was “blog”. And so here I am doing just that. For two reasons: one, because I love it and two because I feel I haven’t posted enough lately.

I have so many ideas and images and stories I want to share with you all but lately my posts seemed have slowed to one a week at best, and more like one a fortnight. That’s in part because I just can’t, I’m sure you’ll understand, put blogging ahead of spending time with my family. And no matter how much I love blogging, I do need to prioritise child-rearing over it.

I’m not great at balancing things and I’m trying not to spread myself too thinly but I am keen to try to post a bit more often. At least I’ll try. Unless you don’t want me to. Don’t tell me if you’ don’t though, okay? I’m a bit tired and emotional tonight and I might end up cracking a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and eating the entire thing in one go. Delicious segment by delicious segment. Just to ward off scurvy you understand.

In other news, I’ve been playing around with new ways to decorate cards with fabric and since I haven’t any photos from my weekend, because I was too bloody busy having a good time and child-rearing to take them, I hope the ones above might suffice as well as offer some inspiration.

I hope all the Australian mums felt the love today and everyone, whether burdened blessed with offspring or not, had a cracker of a weekend.

P.S. Coming soon: a proper tutorial on my sewn fabric bunting cards. Just in time for Mothers’ Day. What? Oh. Oooops.


11 thoughts on “My weekend interspersed with ideas for using fabric to decorate cards. As you do.

  1. I love your blog posts but i don’t want you to feel pressured to write more. However often you manage is great.
    we all put so much pressure on ourselves to ‘do it all’ but it sounds like you have got your priorities in order. good on you.
    happy mothers day!

    • Thanks Jodie. That is such a supprotive thing to say. I’m so pleased you love my posts. I love writing them. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day too. x

  2. I am a very honoured recipient of one of your fabric cards, along with the gorgeous present for Heidi you selected perfectly! Great to see you on Saturday Betty. Way too long between catch-ups. xx

  3. I’ve felt like my blog writing ability/energy/whatever it is has slowed down, too. Sometimes it’s lack of content, lack of ambition, who knows? I like your posts, though, and I’ll happily take them whenever I can get them. 🙂

    • Hey June, I noticed you commented (hopefully you will see this) – I was the lucky recipient of your absolutely gorgeous artwork Betty Bought from you recently (with the white polar bear). I LOVE it! Heidi, my 9 week old little girl will also love it on the wall in her nursery – I just bought a frame for it today. You are very gifted!

    • Well thanks Gretchen, that’s lovely of you. I do love to give ’em but as I’m sure you can relate it’s so hard to find the time sometimes. I’m loving the arty focus of your posts at the moment, by the way.

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