Loving winter but dreaming of spring

We had our first real taste of winter weather in Melbourne yesterday morning and I relished it. It feels like we’ve been waiting for a true change of season for 9 months. So now that our first cold snap has arrived (there was even a dusting of snow in some outer suburbs of Melbourne this morning) I feel I can legitimately get down to the very important winter business of simmering things in the oven for hours, snuggling under blankets on the couch and making hot chocolate.

In preparation for the colder months, we re-planted our vegie patch a couple of weeks ago and also collected this year’s crop of olives that had matured very late because of our mild, wet summer.

This year we have been very ambitious and as well as spinach, lettuce and silverbeet and  broad beans we’ve also got cavolo nero, Roman broccoli, roly poly carrots, climbing beans, beetroots, leeks and radishes.

I must confess though that as much as I’m loving rugging up, I can’t help longing to see the little broad beans sprawling all over their trellis so we can feast like this again as we did late last Spring.

Having said that, the longing decreased just a little bit when I pulled this plum and pear crumble out of the oven tonight.

Happy to share the recipe for anyone who is interested. It’s from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and even though this is the same guy that once made and ate placenta pate (and kind of enjoyed it) it’s a cracker of a dish. Actually, even though that makes H F-W sound a tad strange (understatement?), he is in fact a British national treaure. He’s a champion of seasonal produce and ethical eating and I think he’s ace.

What about you guys? Any vegie patches on the go? Slipper-clad bag-ladies at your door? Delicious winter recipes to share?


14 thoughts on “Loving winter but dreaming of spring

  1. I have an sudden yearning for hot plum and pear crumble with just a little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. It is something I would love to attempt, as with every winter, my desire to improve my cooking skills grows. There is definitely something to be said for warming your legs in front of the oven, while you cook on a cold winters night. I agree there is something special about the cooler months.

  2. Sorry, no winter recipes from me. Here in Germany we are supposed to have spring … which I do like. But at the moment it feels more like summer – hot and dry. Longing for some rain!!!

    • The weather seems to be crazy everywhere at the moment Miss M. Maybe a long, tall glass of iced lemonade is what you need over there. x

  3. We do a delicious Roasted Vegetable Lasagna in the winter, and given that I had to crack out the winter coats last night here in Waterloo for my youngest’s track practice (brrr….wet and cold…), we are doubting that summer is ever going to come to Canada!! The tulips are up but I’m gently introducing my tomato plants and pea plants to the idea of being outside. We’re still 2 weeks away from being able to plant anything in the ground. Oh, I envy your long growing season!!! Wish we were closer!!! xoxox

    • Yum, that sounds delish. I loves me a lasagne in any form. I love the idea of you being a mamma to your little baby plants. Lucky things. Wish we were closer too. xx

  4. Yes, our first wintery day saw this Mamma cooking Pumpkin Soup ( the pumpkins self seeded in my back yard and I’m very proud) Leek & Cottage Cheese Pie and Greek Fakies. All on the samne afternoon! Can’t believe it’s me . !

    • I cooked pumpkin soup too on Sunday! With scones with blue cheese. Scones were flat as tacks but delish anyway. You know how we feel about your leek pie – more please. And what on earth are Greek fakies? Chicken fillets Greek gals stuff in their bras? HA. Kalispera. xx

  5. I love your “slipper clad Bag Laddies” awww they are so cute, my own ladies are currently waging war over the fairies who are apparently trying to invade the sandpit. I will keep you posted

  6. I’m totally with you on relishing the onset of winter. Funny too, as I’m not usually a fan of the cold weather, but lately I’ve really appreciated the time to slow down and cosy up.

    I’m dying to start up a veggie garden (I know just the patch to pop it too), but until the full extent of my energy returns I’m not game to begin such a project!

    I don’t have a recipe for a meal to share, but this is what we’ll be having on the plate tonight (amongst other things)…Thought that a way to ‘do’ potato mash can’t go astray in winter…Who doesn’t love a good mash? Although given your olive obsession, you may have already tried potatoes and garlic steamed, drained, mashed with glugs of good qual olive oil + chopped black olives (or green, why should I discriminate?) and parsley? Orrr yeah.

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