Before and after: our bureau

This is possibly more accurately called a chest of drawers, but since it lives in our living room and because we are tres chic and all that, we call it a bureau. Well, that’s not the real reason. It’s really so we can call it the Bureau of Stats and laugh every time we say it. I know, we’re a regular old comedy club around here.

Anyway, it didn’t matter what we called it because it was ugly as an old bone. Especially so covered with the remnants of failed attempts to keep children out of it.

We bought it back in our impoverished just post-uni days from a place called “24/7 Pine” or something ace like that and at the time I thought it was very lovely and natural and woody.  In  an added bonus, it matched our wardrobe, bedside drawers and big brown bed head. Ahhh, the early 2000s: time of poorly stained pine. How I do not miss thee.

I almost chickened out and went with a light tan colour called “Palomino” (not least because if I ever own a horse it will be a Palomino with a white star on its forehead and I shall call him Moonlight) but after consulting my very stylish sister-in-law she convinced me to follow my heart.

And so I give you the after:

I am SO glad I listened to my sister. Every time I walk past this now I have a little internal “yay”. I just love how it turned out. It’s smack bang in the middle of our living space and really brings lightness to the whole area.

I am a little bit obsessed with painting things. What about you. Have you ever painted anything a colour you thought was slightly brave and loved it? If I were really brave I would do this.


10 thoughts on “Before and after: our bureau

  1. I do love it so. Did you know our front porch is that colour? Blue and brown is a satisfying combo. But the back of the house is purple and I’m pretty sure the bathroom used to be red, so I think it’s a bit of a fluke the porch is a colour I like.

    We’re starting to look around at buying (I know…) and the idea of being proper grown ups and actually DECORATING a house is very appealing.


    • I did not know your front porch was that colour. How very lovely. I’m so glad you find brown and blue a satisfying combo as there is something in those hues winging its way toi Violet as we comment. x
      PS: refuse to even countenance the thought of you buying. Deep, deep denial.

  2. I love it.
    I have been wanting to paint a kitchen hutch white for ages but that turquoise is delicious!!
    the question is …would a hutch be too much? mmm….

    • Thanks Jodie. In answer to your question, a hutch is never too much. A car might be too far, but a hutch is never too much. Go on….do it. And show us the photos.

  3. love the colour. i am obsessed with painting things as when i met my hubby he had a lot of the evil coloured pine lying around. i have painted his beloved tv cabinet white and put curtains inside the doors, painted my kitchen drawers bright blue and kitty’s drawers olive green. i just love having lots of colour around. good job! x

  4. Lovely choice re colour. Very Donna Hay blue.

    Oh yes, I love a good paint job but I’m generally not too adventurous. We bought an old 1940s Kelvinator fridge and painted it a pale pale blue. Not very brave – but it took freakin ages! Well worth it though. It’s my most fave thing in the house.

    Your tales of creativity/diy/making pretty things never stop do they? Am very impressed.

    PS. Thank you for your ultra sweet message on the blog. That was such a lovely thing to read.

  5. Just love the colour of your chest of drawers Christen – has a real punch to it.
    My bedroom is duck egg blue and white and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.
    Love to you all, LORRAINE xxxx

  6. You did a fantastic job. I love the color and how the paint job was done flawlessly. Did you use a high-gloss finish? Also, did you use a brush?

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