Fork the garden

So very many potential¬† jokes to be made with the word “fork”¬† that my head is spinning. But I shall attempt to refrain. Well, I’ll do my forkin’ best anyway (I believe that is what is referred to in hilarious circles as a “forkin’ fail”). BOOM TISH – I’ll be here every night this week folks.

I ordered these lovely forks from Made It seller me2 as the final touch in my upcycled wooden planter I told you about in this post.

Melanie was a delight to work with and happily agreed to my request to stamp exhortations on my pretty forks rather than names of herbs.

The thing I just love about these forks is that as well as looking really pretty and glinting in the sunlight in a most fetching manner, they can be used for actual gardening. The baby Bettys just love using them.

So if you are planning on going and getting yourself forked in the garden (and who doesn’t contemplate it at some stage or another) I can recommend these lovely tri-pronged tools.

Ooh err, missus!

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