Anyone for tennis?

Maker Handmade is a wonderful little shop in South Melbourne stocking only, you guessed it, handmade goods. Rachael, the owner,  has a great eye not only for lovely Australian, handmade things but also for dressing a window.

Back in January, during our Aussie summer and at the height of the tennis madness that grips this town with the Australian Open every year, she put together this great display using twirling betty visors.

I was  delighted. Not only because I think the display was six different kinds of fab, but because I am really, truly grateful for being able to be a part of a shop in my very own local area dedicated to handmade.

Love this shot because you can see the beautiful South Melbourne Town Hall reflected in the background. My Great Grandfather was a local councillor there.

To see the other beautiful things Rachael has in store, pop in to 233 Park Street, South Melbourne, Victoria.

But be warned, you really will struggle to leave without buying anything. I never leave without something. I bought all our kinder teacher gifts here last year and I’m afraid her husband’s Aboriginal art gallery (right next door) is equally alluring and potentially dangerous for your wallet.

If you’re further afield, you can still get a sense of all the loveliness from the Maker Handmade website.


6 thoughts on “Anyone for tennis?

  1. herrooooooooooooo triwiringg berrty

    I ruv u bu I mms say. I am olr rady who sta at hrome an watch betahomangrdnsonfriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    yeah i know so sad. love your blogs

  2. I’ve been trying to plan a Melbourne escape for some time now…and was hoping to do it before the little one comes. This little shop would totes be on the itinerary. And if I do come, can I let you know and you can hit me up with some more local hot tips?!

    ps. what a great idea to have a clairvoyant at a hen’s night…or a baby shower?!

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