Cake as canvas.

You might remember these biscuits Sophia decorated with edible-ink pens for Easter. Well, they got me thinking about what other food we could draw on.

After taking some product shots a few weeks ago, I couldn’t bring myself to either eat (plain sponges with royal icing atop – not appetising) or just turf the cake. So I left it on the bench for a bit. I’d just like to say it is truly frightening how long royal icing lasts. I think the cake beneath could basically liquefy  (ewww) and the royal icing shell would still be going strong.

Before that happened though (ewww, ewww, ewww) I gave Sophia the edible-ink pens and her cake-y canvas and let her draw away.

The random silver and pink cachous and little red heart are hiding the holes where I inserted cake bunting skewers.

And check out the sting on this bee.

Vicious. Floats like a butterfly though.

More foods as canvas coming up…


7 thoughts on “Cake as canvas.

  1. No need to waste your sponge! Just hack through the icing and slap on lashings of whipped cream! Not ewww, rather yuumm? (Maybe) xxx

  2. Royal icing is frightening stuff.I had a gingerbread house when I was a kid that I insisted on keeping until everything softened, except the weird bone-like icing, it stayed standing as the rest of the house collapsed.

    Love the cake though!


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