twirling betty on Ohdeedoh.

I found this on Ohdeedoh. I just LOVE this photo and the whole idea of using a stock feeding tank as a whirl pool.  Look, I know we don’t all have a stock tank lying around in our back yards but we’re a nation built on the sheep’s back for goodness sake so some of us must have.

Anyway, who didn’t love making a whirlpool as a kid? I clearly remember a whole team of us as kids in a plastic pool about this size making an increasingly strong centrifugal current singing the Nutella theme song all the while. As you do.

Do you  Ohdeedoh? It’s not as personal a question as it might at first sound.

Just between you and me, I do Ohdeedoh and have been a subscriber for a bit now so some of my coffee went down the wrong way the other morning and I had to get a tea towel onto my keyboard when, completely out of the blue, I found my tutorial for a fabric height chart the subject of this post over there.

Ohdeedoh is a fabulous site that rounds up great interior design and DIY ideas for those members of the human race who have chosen to perpetuate the species. It’s one arm of the hugely popular Apartment Therapy – an online, interior-design mecca.

Here are some of the things I’ve bookmarked from Ohdeedoh (and Apartment Therapy) recently and not so recently.

This gorgeous fabric and doily mobile. Imagine making this in just black and red and white for a newborn. Would be fabulous.

Home-made slime. This would fascinate my kids. And me.

Painted headboard from Apartment Therapy.

Roller blind cubby house. Such a cute and simple idea.

And one of my all-time favourites and a project I’ve had on my to-do list for longer than I care to think about, I just adore these books slings from Megan at Penny Carnival.

And while we’re there, I also love her fabric rooster decal. That’s another thing on my to-do list. Sigh.

Does any of this Ohdeedoh-diness inspire you? What’s on your crafty to-do list?


One thought on “twirling betty on Ohdeedoh.

  1. I have made a book sling and love it! It is so simple and adds so much fun to a room. You have to get on making one of those.

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