Chatting with spiders.

The spiders that live under our outside table are prolific spinners. No matter how many times I sweep away their webs (apologising all the while, mind) they defiantly spin them again that very night. It’s impressive, frankly.

I took these shots a few months ago because it really looked like they were writing messages.

Can you see the “mum” in this next one?

Why are the spiders calling me mum? Enquiring minds want to know. If I were them and a human kept destroying my handiwork, I think I’d be weaving rather more emphatic and colourful language into my webs for her to read.  I think my table must attract a gentler, more polite kind of spider. Or a spider with a mother complex.

Perhaps next time the spiders’ webs are damaged (I TRULY am sorry – I really hate doing it) they could call on the services of artist, Nina Katchadourian, who repairs damaged webs with cotton thread and weaves messages into them as well.

It’s utterly mesmerising (and funny) stuff.

Web repair images from here and found via a post on the lovely Oscar Lucinda blog.



5 thoughts on “Chatting with spiders.

  1. Okay, I have to admit that – probably like many – I am not too keen on spiders. Here in Germany most of them do not bother me … but I was quite happy that I have not encountered too many while I was living in Australia. (Once we saw that CRAZY thing that was as big as the hand of a grown man … Sorry, but I have to admit that I find that freaky.) But your post was SO funny! I think I have never read anything that funny about spiders!!! 🙂 And how did you find those images of the web repair? I mean … do you get bored and google for spider web repair …? 😉 I had to wonder ….

  2. Oh, really beautiful spinning. I have a few that are too high for me to reach, so I admire them when the sun hits them from the second story windows. How, exactly, does one repair webs without breaking them more?

  3. Without a doubt beautiful and heartwarming article… But I question whether repairing webs with brightly coloured yarn defeats the purpose of the web? It’s not meant to stand out a mile away…. Spider prey aren’t meant to see the web and so veer off before becoming a meal. I’m all for talking with spiders but as far as their web goes – please leave it be if you can – if they wanted it fixed they would have done it themselves. Thoughts?

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