Bunting icy pole: is it the ultimate outcome from Zokuvian research?

This just makes me laugh. In a resigned kind of way.

I’ve truly tried to fight against my mini bunting bias and I just can’t. I CAN’T , d’ya hear me?

This, my darlings, is what you get when you combine a Zoku magic , a love of mini bunting and a hookah. Okay,there was no hookah. I was in my right mind. Well, as right as it gets.

To be honest, it made me clap my hands in delight.

I wish I could tell you my model is wearing a thick winter coat because she’s inside the below-zero testing rooms of the Zokuvian Institute of Icy Research (it’s much like the Ponds Institute only more believable) but really it’s because it’s mid-winter here and we’re adding blankets to our beds and just generally feeling for those pioneers who forged through genuinely cold places in punishing winters, ie, who never got within a million miles of temperate Melbourne.

If you liked this, you might also enjoy these previous experiments from the extremely well-respected Zokuvian Institute of Icy Research:

Stripey icy poles and inadvertently geometric icy poles.

Love heart/Valentine’s icy poles and Splice-like (ie creamy filled) icy poles.

All brought to you by the Zoku. I heart it big time.

And nope,  I’m not paid by them. But I bloody wish I was.

5 thoughts on “Bunting icy pole: is it the ultimate outcome from Zokuvian research?

  1. We recently got a Zoku and we LOVE it, but the little white tips of the sticks show at the top, which bugs me. Any ideas for how to prevent that?

    Also, have you seen the new face maker accessories? I think the bunting one above would make a wonderful monster face for a Halloween pop if you added eyes 🙂

  2. from the other side of the globe, where it’s getting chilly in October, I LOVE the term “Icy Pole” it’s much better than “popcicle”

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