Little twirling people on the other side of the world

I love it when people email me with photos or to let me know they’ve blogged about a twirling betty purchase.

Recently, I received an email from a happy customer who had posted some really gorgeous photos on her blog  of her little one in her twirling betty visor. Loving those cheeks and the little yellow hair tie. Lots more cute photos in the post.

And a while back, Tess  won a twirling betty competition on Ashley Ann’s blog, She chose the classic red and white polka dot visor and posted some awesome photos on her blog of her daughter wearing it. This one is my favourite.

Then we have Firecracker. Firecracker is Ashley Ann’s littlest babe and she makes me laugh because I think she and the littlest Betty were possibly struck from a similar mold: the one labelled “hilarious handful”.

These are some photos Ashley took recently on their family holiday and posted on her wonderful blog, Under the Sycamore.  I love these shots not only for the visor but because just a few short months ago Firecracker was immobilised in a cast with a broken femur and now here she is trekking through the wilds. And she is staying hydrated.

And if you ever needed proof that twirling betty accessories can turn a bad hair day into a good one in a matter of seconds, here it is.

We go from this (hahahaha):

To this:

Love it. Photos from here.

It won’t matter how long I keep making things, seeing people wearing them will always give me that little jolt of excitement. That, and Jon Bon Jovi without his shirt on. Don’t even try to object. I know you agree. And you know, deep down,  you agree.  Uh…uh….just shhhhhhhhh.


7 thoughts on “Little twirling people on the other side of the world

  1. I’m about to take my Twirling Betty visor to Fiji in a few weeks. Well, we’ll see who wears it more, me or my daughter! 🙂

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