Edible jewels – shimmering, glimmering jewel jellies

These glittering  jewels, flavoured with rose-water, were met with gasps of delight by the 6-year-old girls at Sophia’s party. And there might have been the odd gasp of delight from the mother as well.

I had high hopes for these jellies (gumdrops? jubes?) and they not only reached those dizzying heights but exceeded expectations.

Served on a cake platter with a domed lid which I lifted (theatrically, of course) before a gaggle of expectant little faces, the reactions of these sweet little girls was just the most hilarious thing.

I used this recipe.

To be honest, I was planning pale pink or blue jewels but I had run out of white sugar and so I used unbleached, raw sugar instead. Also, the pectin powder I used (Jamsetta) seemed to have a slightly yellow hue to it. In the pan the mixture reduced to a slightly worrying dirty tan. But in the end, I got these gorgeous bronze-y/gold gems.

I bought my gem candy mold from here. I’ve bought other molds from them in the past and they are a lovely company with good prices and very sweet service. I recommend them if you’re in Australia.

I can see this becoming a little bit of a summer obsession. These would make a gorgeous gift if you were going to someone’s house for dinner. Or in bright colours to serve at the end of a summer barbecue.

PS: A note on the recipe. As you are already aware, patience is not my strong suit.  The recipe says to leave the jellies for 24 hours before popping them out of the mold, and then for a further 24 hours to harden up before sugaring. Well, I waited about 2 hours (and that was a trial) and they were fine. It might be though because, unable to get corn syrup at my local supermarket, I used corn-derived glucose syrup. I don’t know whether that affected the setting time or not (maybe they’re the same thing –  anyone?) but it is a slight variation from the given recipe.


5 thoughts on “Edible jewels – shimmering, glimmering jewel jellies

  1. These look great! May I ask how much Jamsetta you used? (the recipe at The Decorated Cookie says “one box” of the brand she used, which I daresay isn’t the same as a packet here). Thanks!

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