How fabric serviettes will convert waves of chaos to nightly fine dining.

I have this vision of gorgeous family dinners where my handsome husband and I sit down with the girls and we all eat nutritious, home-cooked food, laugh, chat and dab at our mouth with real fabric serviettes.Or napkins if you prefer. No judgment here. From me, at any rate. I can’t vouch for what my mother will think of you.

The reality is that the girls are fractious and hungry by 5.30, I’m not hungry and the handsome husband isn’t home. So most nights, there’s nary a fabric serviette in sight. And more frozen fish fillets than I care to admit to.

But I am forging ahead anyway on the basis that if I build it, they will come. Eventually.

So I made these little napkins (using my very own free motion sewing technique*) for the girls and while they’ve enjoyed using them for their early dinners, one day I hope we will all be sitting down together and they might be using these napkins to wipe not only their food but also their tears – tears of laughter – from their eyes. Because the sooner they realise how hilaaaaaahhhhhrious their mother is the better.

* WARNING: This is cowboy sewing at its most extreme. Not only did this linen fabric from IKEA come ready hemmed on one side, but to “write” the girls’ names, * I removed the presser foot, dropped the feed dogs and just whirled that fabric around like it was my bitc… bit of good fabric. You WILL sew through your finger if you attempt to do this after a glass or two of red wine when you’re not concentrating.

15 thoughts on “How fabric serviettes will convert waves of chaos to nightly fine dining.

  1. Oooooooo I LOVE THESE. ok lets start a “to do” list, this can be somewhere below manicure, pedicure, shopping, massage, eating……….you get the idea

  2. NIce Work Chris!! A little Cowboy sewing goes a long way!
    I’ve been stamping on our napkins for a little extra fun, and in an effort to keep the girlies busy while I’m throwing supper together, I get them to stamp their own napkins….you need to wait a few minutes before you wipe your mouth, but using the same ink pads I use on paper, it washes out in the wash and they can start again.

  3. Next up, napkin rings! One CAN in time use the serviettes (napkins) for more than one meal and a sufficiently intriguing napkin ring helps encourage the use of those serviettes for gracious dining! (Yes, been there, done that, long ago and far away!) Very cool “cowboy embroidery”.

    • No I didn’t sew through my finger but I came frighteningly close! I am going to source a free motion presser foot but in my usual fashion I wanted to try these out right now and so just made do. You know me, always living on the edge. Yeehaaa.

  4. Wow, we don’t even have napkins. My boys get a bit of kitchen roll if they’re lucky.
    Your napkins are so sweet. I got a present of a small sewing machine at Christmas and have not used it even once. I am a little optimistic thinking maybe I could do this but I’m guessing that you actually have to have had a bit of practice using the thing before expecting gorgeous writing like that!!!

    • I don’t think it’s the writing bit that’s tricky but more that you do need to be really aware of where the needle is if you use the cowboy method like me!

  5. Hee hee back to your craft porn best darrrrling! Seriously though I love the idea of named napkins and I’ve very fond memories of my own napkin carefully rolled into my own napkin ring whilst boarding with a friend. xxx

    • Well, I don’t think our family dinners will ever be very fancy. In fact, don’t tell my mother, but I might even put the tomato sauce bottle stright on the table!

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