New twirling betty visors now in store – and a giveaway to celebrate.

I’ve just finished loading photos of twirling betty visors in my new (southern hemisphere) spring 2011 fabrics to my Etsy and Made It shops. I hope you like the new fabric. (PS: She’s not sunburned, it’s a reflection of the orange fabric!)

All the old favourites are still available – in particular the polka dots in a range of colours:

but I’ve retired some less popular fabrics and even updated my thumbnail swatch that shows you the fabric options you can choose from.

It’s been a LONG day. I started at 5am this morning and it is now nearly 8.30 pm and I am still going.  So I will bid you all good evening or good morning (tick whichever applies) and go and neck a bottle of wine. I’ve earned it.

To celebrate the new range, I’m offering twirling betty blog subscribers the chance to win this visor.

To enter:

1. you must be a subscriber. So if you already are, fab. If not, then sign up for my posts to be delivered to your inbox or through your preferred feed reader. You’ll find buttons to activate both of these options at the top right of my home page.

2. Leave me a comment just saying hi and letting me know how long you’ve been a subscriber. (Longevity of subscription will cement my adoration of you but won’t, I’m afraid, give you a greater chance of winning. I’m just interested).

Entries close this Sunday TUESDAY evening (30 August) at 6pm Australian EST. I will post the package  anywhere so overseas subscribers are welcome to enter.

EDITED TO ADD: It was brought to my attention that I should give all readers the full weekend to enter so I’ve extended the date for drawing the giveaway by a couple of days so my readers in the Northern Hemisphere have scads of time to see the post too. Scads. What a great word. xx END EDIT.

ENORMOUS thanks to the lovely Lucy for modelling my new range. Isn’t she gorgeous? She is even more beautiful on the inside than the out. I know, what a beeyatch. She’s my treasure.

15 thoughts on “New twirling betty visors now in store – and a giveaway to celebrate.

  1. Chris, I’ve been a subscriber of yours since the 1980’s, but to this blog, it was as soon as I found that RSS button!! And since then I’ve forwarded the link to everyone I know! Your visors are gorgeous! I love the new fabrics!

  2. These look fabulous! Love the fabrics. My favourite is the green one but i’m slightly obsessed with anything green at the moment. I have no idea how long I’ve been a subscriber for…..hmmm, brain cells are few and far between right now sorry! x

  3. I just bought my daughter the red and white polkadot visor and have had soooo many compliments every time she wears it. it’s adorable!! I’ve had you on my google reader for about 1 year now and offically subscribed today. Love the stuff you make. Beautiful new fabrics. I wish I could buy more!! You’re hillarious and love your posts. Very entertaining!
    -Nancy from Vancouver, Canada

  4. I just love your visors. I can never decide what color to buy for myself and my little nuggets. I’m happy you’ve decided for me. I’ve been following you for some time now. I found you over at Ashley Ann’s.

  5. Hello! I love your visors! I love that I can wear it and share it with my daughter. The green one is amazing! I have been reading your blog for awhile and just subscribed today! 🙂

  6. I’m finally back cruising the blogs and you’re have a giveaway…tops! I’m going to change my subscription to my hotmail address (as opposed to work email address – naughty me), but would guess that I’ve been following your witty and inspiring little blog for about a year?

    Visors are so very awesome – you clever little clog. Think you’ve nailed the fabric selection too.

    Looking forward to catching up on the posts i’ve missed….

  7. I’m now an “official” follower but have been stopping in for quite awhile. I bought one of your visors for my daughter this Summer and we have loved it!:) And, I LOVE the new fabrics!:)

  8. I have been reading your blog for a year, so its plain stupidity that I havent klickety klicked the following button before. I love your visors and even if I am now looking forward to autumn and winter I would love to have it like I reminder that summer will come again… and next summer my daughter will be two and probably look totally adorable in one of your visors 😉

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