Glitter-covered tap shoes

They don’t have to be tap shoes, but the glitter combined with the tap is certainly something to behold.

Sophia spent some time last year going to classes at the wonderfully kitsch Glittery Tapping Wonderland. They have lovely teachers, a great philosphy and almost more glitter than even I can handle. She had a ball. We never got around to actually glitterising her tap shoes while she was there (although it was encouraged) but her jewel-themed 6th birthday party presented the perfect excuse.

In the next photo you can see the results of the two different methods I tried.

For the the shoe on the left I mixed the glitter into some Mod Podge glue (you could use PVA) and then painted it on using a foam brush. For the shoe on the left, I coated the shoe in glue first and then sprinkled the glitter on.

I’m still not sure whether I prefer the smooth or rough effect but give the second method (the rougher finish) made for glittery-er shoes, we went with that on the basis that with glitter, more is always more.

Once the glue dried, I put more dabs of glue and glitter on any bald or thin patches, let that dry then covered the whole lot with a final, protective coat of Mod Podge.

Don’t you love the colour? It’s from Martha Stewart and is called Blue Topaz.

It really is as simple as I set out above to do this. However two little extra instructions: 1. do tape the interior edges of your shoes (the way I have in the second pic) and 2. if you’re going to try the old “glue then pour the glitter on” method is make sure you have something below the shoe to catch the excess glitter in. I sprinkled very generously but when I decanted the left-over glitter back in, I had used less than half of a 42.5 gram bottle.

Has anyone else tried this? Or have you covered anything else in glitter? A husband or child perhaps? Do tell.


6 thoughts on “Glitter-covered tap shoes

  1. we glitterattied some converse sneakers in time for number one daughters first gig (Green Day’s not her own), we used the glue then glitter method but totally missed the glue topping, hence everytime it rained she ended up with red skin and red socks… (red glitter…)

    it didn’t last too long so I’d be impressed with some follow up shots for both methods before I have a go at my favourite high heels (and I will…. so hurry)

    thanks for great pics

  2. i did this for my sister-in-laws wedding shoes using the mod podge method. she chose the turquoise confetti-style glitter from martha and i spread the mixture on using a popsicle stick (found a stick easier to use than a foam brush). they came out fantastic – huge hit at the wedding!

  3. I am totally mesmerized by that moving (and extremely twirly) image. How do you do that!? I’ve tapped my whole life and totally remember mum having to cover my tap shoes in glitter. Mum was always so frugal when I was little though and everybody else’s shoes looked like yours but mine had the odd dab of glitter here and there. Same as when we had to cover our leotards in sequins. They actually meant a complete covering and I was mortified when I was the only one in the show with a ‘scattering’ of sequins across my chest. Anyway enough of the sob stories, shoes look fabulous daaarling!!!

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