A parcel of goodies for my sister

My darling sister is over the hills and far away in Washington DC. Not only that, she’s waddled off with my two nieces one of whom was a tiny babe when they left and is now walking. Sigh.

Miss her? Does Toto miss the rain down in Africa?

I sent her this little care package last week that has a distinct half Oz/half New Zealand theme.

The little round thing in the middle is a pin cushion and inside the package is a CD by my new favourite person, Gotye, for my brother-in-law.

Raro (like Tang), Jet Planes and Chocolate Fush (sorry, couldn’t resist) form part of pretty much every New Zealand childhood from the 1970s.

I know some of my readers are far from home as well. What do you miss? What do people send you that you can’t get where you are?


7 thoughts on “A parcel of goodies for my sister

  1. I always thought heaven was surely a place where you didn’t have to miss anyone (along with being able to eat anything you wanted and being as tan as you desired, both without retribution.)
    The one thing we can’t get here is actually in D.C. Crystal City, to be exact….on 16th ~ it’s a tiny sushi place. The name of the joint escapes me, but they serve a Vegas Roll that is to die for. My gosh! Never to be duplicated. Send your sister.

  2. Hey, we went through the Crystal City Metro station the other day and Clem and I were wondering what delights lay on the surface of somewhere named so awesomely! Sushi is definitely a good enough reason to check it out 🙂

  3. What a lovely care package! I miss British Cheesy Wotsits (like a Cheezel only cheesier!), Caramacs (a sort of caramel chocolate) and Boots Chemist! Gorgeous thought Chris.
    Kiz x

  4. I got pregnant in London and went on weekly trips to the Australia/ New Zealand shop to spend a FORTUNE on Raro, KBars and Cheddar Shapes. Mmmmm.

  5. What a lovely sisterly thing to do! On the subject of missing food, the only thing I miss now …is proper Kiwi Kumara. I so love roasted kumara. It’s the first meal I ask for when I go home. Of course it helps if there is roast lamb and vegies too. My bro-in-law always obliges with this one !

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