Colourful geometric necklace


I feel a geometric stage coming on. I suppose that’s not really  a strange thing given the whole design world is filled with geometric this and thats at the moment. And in light of my recent focus on pleasingly geometric gems as the theme for Sophia’s 6th birthday party.

I recently made this little necklace to satisfy my yearning for angular corners and all things triangular.

It’s made using that most magical of mediums: Sculpey.

This clay-like substance comes in a variety of beautiful colours – I got mine at Spotlight –  and can be oven-baked until hard. My head spins with the possibilities of this stuff.

But first, this necklace:

One thing I have loved about discovering that I do have a creative bone in my body (just the one, though) is an ever-increasing obsession with and love for colour and colour combinations. I mulled over these colours for ages before I bought them and I’m quite happy with the unlikely, clashy effect of these.

I am a bit of a monochromatic gal at heart, at least I have been in the past, but as my experience with colour is growing, I’m getting a bit more adventurous and learning to trust my eye. That said, I’m not entirely happy with the red at the end. It turned a lot darker than its original colour once it was baked.

I’ve got some other, more subdued colour palettes planned so I will do a tutorial when I make those.

(You might recognise my beautiful model – she is my favourite in-her-twenties whippersnapper, often-time carer of my kids and twirling betty adult model. She has a name, but I just like to call her My Treasure).

3 thoughts on “Colourful geometric necklace

  1. I she’s a gorgeous model!! I love the necklace & geometic vibe, i was a mathematician until i lost count of how many children i have!! Tee hee. I actually thought they were Trivial Persuit pieces, so cute, love Posie

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