Kate Spade NY, Florence Broadhurst and my cushions.

Do you remember this post from a while back where I showed you these cushions I made from some of my most precious fabric for our (then) new couch?

Well I was very chuffed to see the same wonderful Florence Broadhurst print in Kate Spade’s 2012 collection. Made me feel very fashion zeitgeisty indeed.

Here’s the print adorning various gorgeous accoutrement. I’ll take one of each, thanks.

Wouldn’t think of leaving town without this suitcase.

And finally, Florence B aside, I am loving every single thing on this stage and indeed the entire collection.

Last 4 photos from Fashionista.com which, incidentally, does a really good summary of how Florence Broadhurst’s endlessly fascinating life inspired the collection.

Yep I do without reservation loves me my FloBro. Only available here.

3 thoughts on “Kate Spade NY, Florence Broadhurst and my cushions.

  1. Oh big fan of Florence B, she’s amazing!! What a waste how she went out of this world, that woman was so strong & amazing!! Her prints will live on forever. Thanks for your order through my shop honey, too sweet & kind, love Posie

  2. Did I tell you Belinda bought me a Kate Spade bag for my birthday?
    Not a Flo Bro but a red felt handbag with a big bow!
    V sweet and wintery!
    Looked at the Florence Broadhurst website and fell in the love with the bathroom! Divine!!

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