Mini fabric doll houses

I recently made  some bits and pieces for the lovely Lou from The Little Big Company.

Lou was throwing a  spectacular dolls’ house-themed party for her daughter and as part of aforementioned bits, I made 10 little fabric houses based on this tutorial from Just Call Me Martha.

Here’s a picture from Lou’s blog post that will give you some sense of the jaw-dropping detail that went into this shindig.

Not your average 5 year old do. For lots of beautiful photos that showcase all the lilliputian details check out Lou’s post on the party here.

My girls watched me making these mini abodes with wide eyes and wishful hearts. I don’t know about you, but I could never refuse a couple of wide-eyed possums and so I made each  of them their own little house.

I did some renovations so they could open them draw-bridge style and I popped in a window so they could peep inside to check on their charges.

I was quite pleased with my ribbon and velcro solution for opening and closing. I needed something little fingers could cope with but more importantly I needed something little fingers could cope with on their own.

Look at these sweet little babes tucked up in bed.

I used a split pin to secure the matchboxes so they wouldn’t fall out every time the girls opened up their houses. What I didn’t do was secure the tiny babes. There’s a good chance those little ones are half way to Hong Kong as we speak. Lucky buggers.

These little houses formed part of my “Distraction Plan”  – it totally warrants parentheses – for our recent 4 hour plane trip. They made their debut at 30,000 feet (or whatever the  cruising altitude of a Boeing 737 is) .

They were met with much excitement and afforded me a good 25 seconds of genuine distraction from the abject terror that engulfs me when I am above the clouds in a metal tube.

Oh, did you think I meant a “Distraction Plan” for the kids?


5 thoughts on “Mini fabric doll houses

  1. Oh they are so adorable. My children would love them on a plane, great idea. We’ve taken them to HK a couple of times, they love it, the food, the tropics, the fact it has a Disneyland, they are awesome travellers.
    That children’s party is so delightful, love Posie

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