A new Christmas stocking

The stockings have (finally) been hung by the chimney with care. It happened a little later than usual this year as I had to actually make one for Olive first.

I used this lovely, easy-to-follow tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew and was pleased with the result.

I sewed the jingle bells on just to give Father Christmas a fright when he tries to fill it silently.

And yes, I know it’s ENORMOUS but I used the dimensions of her big sister’s stocking, made by my Grandmother Betty. Anyone with kids (or indeed siblings) will understand the imperative for the measurements to be exactly the same.

Stockings are absolutely one of my favourite bits of Christmas. Have you hung yours yet?

4 thoughts on “A new Christmas stocking

  1. When my son joined the family, I got new stockings, and I found a set that were knit to look like they’d been cut from sweaters. I do love them, but what I didn’t consider at the time was how *huge* they were. They always look a little droopy compared to the old ones because I just don’t plan to put that much in a stocking! (Yes, they’re up!)

    • Oh, they sound lovely. I put a little curved wire in the end of mine (not sewn in, just tucked inside) to at least keep the droop at bay while they’re empty. Works well. Can’t help with post-present droop though. And leaving that whole droop concept right alone now…tempted though.

    • Thanks lovely. I’m off to check out your husband’s santa sacks – I am impressed with him before I’ve even read the post!

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