Zippered clutch

I made a little bag for my favourite young whippersnapper recently to say thank you for some extra help she was giving me.

She needed something she could just pop a couple of dollars, a credit card and her football player swap cards in. That last one is, of course, a joke. Like all young women these days, she collects Rugby Union autobiographies.

She also needed something she could swing jauntily from her arm.

I used this brilliant tutorial to make her a little zippered clutch.

You might remember the gorgeous ikat-style fabric I’ve used for the outside from my fabric luggage tag tutorial. I’m just the teensiest bit obsessed with it.

I lined the inside with simple grey and white dots.

Of course I also sewed a stamped name tag onto the lining because as regular readers can attest, I loves me my personalised bits.

Are you wondering what freaky kind of name ends in -AWG? Well, it actually ends in -DAWG. As in Lu-Dawg,  Chris-Dawg, Snoop-Dawg, Dawggy-Dawg. As you do.

This little one took me a couple of hours as I was taking my time to ensure I didn’t muck it up. But I think once you’ve made one, you could sew up others very quickly. Wouldn’t they make sweet gifts with a little bottle of nail polish inside?

Especially if it were this, my current favourite: OPI’s Planks A Lot which, incidentally, also describes some of my dearest friends perfectly.

8 thoughts on “Zippered clutch

  1. So cute & love how their wrists are so tiny & small. The little message on the inside is such a sweet addition, i often print messages inside my children’s annual pencil case productions, ‘yo dawggie’ would be cute!! Love Posie

  2. Ok, where to start? I love the pairing of the spotty lining with your ikat.

    I totally knew it was Dawg because we use that around here too. (I am G-Dawgs, G. Diddy, and Dids.)

    Those pouches do make up very fast once you’ve done one, and they are great gifts. I made boxy versions and put hand made lip gloss in them for my girlfriends for Christmas.

    And I *love* that shade of purple and must have some!

    • Cuuuute; loving the sound of your boxy pouches with lip gloss – lucky your friends! Did they love? Yes, Planks a Lot is a cracker. And hilariously named. So a double whammy winner! Actually, I love all the OPI names. V clever.
      And I cannot believe you are a DAWG! Hurrah for all the dawggies (and if you know who let the dawgs out can you let me know?).

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