Look how people are using twirling betty bunting

Okay, so the title of that post may have led you to believe I was about to showcase an exotic array of photos featuring the use of twirling betty bunting in never-before-seen ways. The truth is, most people are sticking ’em in cakes. And they’re sending me gorgeous photos of aforesaid cakes like the one above and like this:

She made that cake herself! Those last two shots are custom orders I made but this next set was sent to me by a lovely lass who made hers herself using my tutorial for the dessert table at her sister’s wedding.

So very sweet.

And I’m loving the gorgeous banners too – especially the way she has used coloured fabric (or ribbon?) and pinked the edges. So effective.

But there’s always one in every group isn’t there? The one thinking outside the cake. The one in this case is the inimitably crafty Ashley from Under the Sycamore. She got some twirling betty bunting as part of a goodie bag from a crafty weekend she attended a while back and has extrapolated on the theme by popping one in a terrarium.

Along with a lego Luke Skywalker AND R2-D2 who I feel add a certain je ne sais quoi.

The crafty force is strong in that one.

You can read all about how she made the terrarium with her kidlets here.

Thanks to everyone who sends me photos. They completely make my day.

2 thoughts on “Look how people are using twirling betty bunting

  1. I made a terrarium with my mum in my younger
    days, it’s one of my favourite childhood memories. I wish I’d had a twirling betty bunting it would have finished it off beautifully and mum
    would have loved it.

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