Interior Wrestling

No, it’s not a new form of shared pelvic floor exercises – more’s the pity – I’m talking about mental contortions. I’ve been tying myself in knots for months about this blog.

Long story short,  I’ve made a few decisions about the kinds of things I’m going to post here. I’m going to blog more about things other than craft. A bit more about the stuff I find all over the place that like, what I’m thinking about, cooking, moved by, coveting. In other words, all the many little things in my life that go towards making me feel nourished.

By way of example, there will be a few more recipes and photos of food. I cook A LOT.  In fact,  I spend a good portion of my time thinking about food and planning meals. I derive great joy and nourishment in every sense from cooking for my family and friends. So there will definitely be more of that.

There will still be heaps of crafty stuff – probably no less than before – there will just be more of the other stuff. In essence I’m proposing more breadth in more posts of shorter length. A more rounded blog. A more reflective blog.

If I’m totally honest (expect more of that too) I’ve felt pressure lately (entirely self-imposed, mind) to just come up with crafty ideas and tutorials and get them posted. And because I’m a perfectionist I can’t just do it in a slapdash way. So it takes a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing that. LOVE. But I no longer want to be driven by the thought (and it’s MY thought please note)  that most of my readers are with me just for that and will abandon ship if I don’t pump out craft tutorials.

Of course, I am purely speculating. I don’t actually know why most of you guys are here – in the sense of what elements of this blog attract you. I imagine that many of you do like the crafty stuff but hope that you might be persuaded to stay for other stuff too. And for those that are not into craft (yes I am talking to you, dear friend of mine, who made me giggle but also made me think when she said the other day “enough with the fecking punch-a-palaver thing” ) I hope you might find more you can relate to. The bottom line is , I’m just really grateful you’re all here. That makes changing things, and potentially losing some of you, a pretty scary proposition.

Another thing is that although there is a lot of my “voice” in my posts – I don’t often tell you what I’m feeling or thinking about. I’m going to do that a little more. For me, some of the blogs I love most are the ones that manage to give you a glimpse into the hearts of their writers as well as their physical worlds.  Don’t worry, I won’t be over sharing (Kegel wrestle anyone?) but I just want to be less guarded. Not in an offensive way. I mean I don’t plan to start swearing here nearly as much as I do in real life. Although part of me wishes I had the guts to do that too.

Know what all the literature out there about “successful” blogging (whatever “successful” may be – it’s different for each person) says? It says know what you are. Are you a craft blog? A food blog? A parenting blog? A thermomix (anyone with me on that one?) blog. One of the cardinal rules is if you try to be too many things, your blog will lack cohesion.

Well here’s the thing. On that definition, I lack cohesion. My life lacks cohesion. And that’s the way I like it. I like lots of different things. In fact, I like most things. I am naturally curious and excited about most things.

So I’m going to embrace a lack of cohesion. To do all of this it would be a big help if I could stop worrying about whether you guys are going to run a mile as a result. But I can’t. As I touched on above, I care deeply about what my readers think.  Although this blog is about me and twirling betty, and without you there would still be a me and a happy real-life me, it would be a depressingly lonely online me out there in the big bad blogosphere.

So I’m going to be brave. And hope the my courage doesn’t make you want to exclude yourself. I will always worry about whether I’m giving you content that you like, that is useful, that has value. From now on, though, I am going to go with everything I know and like. Not just that little crafty bit of me.

And if I come back again to what I envisaged this  blog to be from the very start – a place to record all the things I love: craft, family, cooking, pole dancing (joke – just checking you’re still awake), then that will help I think.

Oh bloody hell, now I just feel totally self-absorbed and silly.

In summary: things are going to change and stay-the-same. I hope you don’t unsubscribe in droves.

Please do weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.


27 thoughts on “Interior Wrestling

  1. tehe ….I was reading the first two paras and thought oh I hope I didn’t have anything to do with this and then thought how arrogant to think that ahh para 3!
    I love your punchy holes and your bunting! But most of all I love your irreverant humour and the way you share your life, your crafty passion and raising a family all on the page.
    I think you’ve captured your audience, no matter what you say, for the long term. x

    • Ah you would say that you gorgeous fluffbag. You’re not wholly to blame though – your comment just came at the right time. I’m preparing a whole run of new tutorials in the Punch-a-Palooza series just for you. xx

    • Well given I know you’ve been with me from nearly the very begiining Erin, I’m just delighted to hear that – thanks so much.

  2. I wouldn’t be offended if you cursed more, so no worries 🙂 I think, regardless, its important to blog however makes you happy. Everyone loves a good tutorial and giveaway, but part of the allure of blogs for me has always been the personal stuff. It’s good to know these are real projects, by real people. Not some crafting robot. I love being exposed to all the people and their lifestyles that I normally wouldn’t run into. Having a window into a bloggers real world makes the connection more personal, I think!

    • Well, in that case…*&%^, %$%*&T^*&*$. Nah, still can’t do it. Real life yes, online, no. But thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I think everyone is attracted to the personal stuff to some extent – I just always find myself asking “but who on earth would be interested in *my* personal stuff” and that makes me reticent. But I’m forging ahead! Thanks so much for your supportive comment. Hugely appreciated. xx

  3. I come here, Christen, because I like *you,* whatever you’re writing about. I like how you write, too. I won’t be going anywhere.

    Also: I’ve often struggled with feeling disjointed in my creative pursuits and my identity as an artist. I just like so many different things! While finding focus is still a goal for me, I’ve also had to embrace the fact that, for me, who I am is “eclectic” and “varied,” and that’s ok. So un-cohese away. We’ll still be here. 🙂

  4. I too will welcome your new slant on your blog. Your blog is yours to do as you please so don’t be concerned about mixing it up a bit. Good luck!

    • And when you save enough, I will be there guiding you through the finer points of sorbet making and grain milling. xxx

  5. I originally came across your blog because of your craft ideas, but am definitely staying no matter what you write about because I love your whole relaxed natural style, and I think there will be a LOT of your subscribers who will feel the same. You really do make me laugh and I LOVE your ideas, so sorry, but your stuck with me!! he he he.

  6. I’m like Helen, came to your blog through Etsy and subscribed because I love your sense of humour. Every time I check my emails, yours is the first one I read…I also come back and re-read the blog when I’m having a bad day! It always make me smile – except when I makes me want to cry (the post about your daughter on the beach). So blog away……it’s lovely to read whatever it’s about. Kim x

    • Oh my goodness Kim – your comment brought a tear to *my* eye. What a gorgeous bit of reassurance and love. Thank you, thank you.

  7. I have only been reading your blog for several months now and love it. BUT, the fact that you are going to be blogging MORE than crafty stuff, makes me happy. I’m not going anywhere! 🙂

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! What you said. More than crafting. I love your thoughts and viewpoint. I’m a mish-mosh too. I tire of one thing specifically. I think that makes us well-rounded. 😉

    Can’t wait!

    P.S. NO more pictures of spiders though. Promise me that. Puhlease!!!

    • I promise I’ll do my very best on the spider front Julie. I can’t see too many arachnoposts in my future! Thanks for your supprot and lovely comment. I agree – breadth is the key to, well, breadth. x

  9. I love your blog..and you know, some of the most memorable posts for me were stories about your family history and “twirling betty”! And your race day post made me laugh.

    I do love craft..but would love to hear more about you! I think you’re great!

    Oh and I lack cohesion too…!

    Count me in, I’m here to stay!

    • Thanks Reagan – I’m so pleased those personal stories resonated for you as well. Yes, I still dine out on that race day story I have to say. It was a cracking afternoon! So happy to have a fellow non-coheser (that is so not a word) on the ride with me. x

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