Summer snapshots 2

While we were in Far North Queensland a dear girlfriend and I snuck away for a night to an oasis in a rainforest.

Silky Oaks Lodge is perched above the sparkling Mossman River in the Daintree Rainforest – the oldest rainforest in the world.

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime places.

In the morning before we departed, my girlfriend convinced me to do a walk to some nearby rapids. This was no gentle stroll along wooden boardwalks. This was potentially ankle-twisting, slippery stuff. Yep, I fancied myself a bit of a Bear Grylls at this stage. Although I stopped short of inflating an empty snake skin with my own urine as Bear Grylls once did.

When we finally made it, hot and tired to the spectacular Fig Tree rapids,

we rewarded ourselves with a swim.

It was bliss. Until we were attacked by leeches.

Will you look that size of that mother? It casts a shadow for Goodness sake. And that was just the one I pulled off my leg.

I can’t quite believe I managed to hold it together enough to photograph it. Then again, I did once catch a snake that was wriggling across our hotel room in Bali using nothing but an upturned champagne bucket so perhaps I’m cooler under pressure than I realise.

Not only were they between our toes and attached to our legs but they were crawling in our shoes and clothes we had abandoned on the rocks while we swam.

So we did what Bear Grylls would have done in the same situation: screamed and hopped about like mad women on the hot slippery rocks frantically flicking things, real and imagined, from ourselves. Then we screamed a bit more.

The walk in took us well over an hour. The run back took less than 30 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Summer snapshots 2

    • I KNOW! I can’t quite believe it either. You should have seen it wriggling around – ugh – the thought makes me squirm.

    • Yes, it was just the ticket until that. But in all honesty, even that bit was kind of cool. Oh, actually, maybe that’s just with hindsight.

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