Summer sewing for my girls

Once again this year I did just a little bit of quick and dirty sewing for the girls before our trip away.

For this dress for Sophia I just made up the pattern and guessed the dimensions (yeeha) and when I sewed it together it didn’t fit. So I had to add the orange twill panelling down either side so the child could actually breathe in it. Even though it was a beeyatch to sew in, I love the little detail of the twill and think it really lifts the end result.

The back is a bit of a dog’s breakfast.

I had to cut a “v” in the material there too so we could get it over Sophia’s head and the hastily constructed button and loop system looks cute but does not do the job. It gapes and falls open but, ya know, Sophia can’t see it so all’s well.

I found some gorgeous lilac linen for Olive and spent a lot more time than I would usually invest in making this little top for her.

I used this pattern which I really liked and will use again. I nearly had a nervous breakdown shirring the bloody thing though as my machine started playing up but once done I was pleased.

I also made a shirt for Sophia using the same pattern and some lovely, soft and light yellow fabric. She doesn’t think it’s much chop though. Too voluminous. I really should start measuring that child before I sew.

Finally, a couple of new backpacks complete with the fabric luggage tags I showed you a while back (tutorial for the luggage tags here).

I do love that the kids are still young enough to think the clothes I make them are awesomenosity on a stick.

I’ve threatened to make my husband some boxer shorts (I am outraged by how expensive such simple garments are) and I wonder how awesome he would find those. Especially if I choose some entirely inappropriate fabric.  I think it might be worth it just for the look on his face.


5 thoughts on “Summer sewing for my girls

  1. ooooo the beginnings of a new mitch dowd! He started doing boxer shorts to fund his framing of his paintings, what will use the extra cashola for?

  2. oooh Christen! you are full of ideas! I agree, the boxer-shorts are quite expensive but I’m not sure if I will ever sew some for my hubby *g*
    Sewing is so much fun! My next project is to sew a sleeping bag and backpack (our style) for my boy 😉 BTW (last but not least) your girls look sooo cute!!! How much did Olive grow!!!! She was a baby when I met here 😀

    Keep on crafting and blogging, Christen, I love it!!!! ❤

    • Thanks Gretchen. I know that feeling of being almost physically itchy for long summer days. Yours is just around the corner…sit tight!

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