Raspberry chocolate pots in a jar

Love the whole make-it, bake-it and serve-it in a preserving jar/mason jar trend.

So when we had an evening picnic at the Melbourne zoo with some friends recently, I made these little chocolate pots in mini preserving jars to take along.

I used this recipe which calls for cherries drunk on Pedro Ximinex sherry. That’s pronounced Pedro SXHJminiz. That delicious Spanish sherry is going to make further appearances over winter.

Or my name isn’t Inigo Montoya.

10 thoughts on “Raspberry chocolate pots in a jar

  1. …You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    YOU kill me lady!

    I’m so glad I popped into your blog after such a long time. You made me laugh out loud…Have been rather slack on the blog-reading/commenting bit lately.

    Looking forward to catching up on your posts for belly laughs and crafty good times x

    • ‘Fraid not Bin. Pedro has been a dear friend of mine for a few years now. Once I lent a bottle of him to my mother when she needed a small amount for something or other and never got it back! They used it for the desert and just drank it straight. Not straight from the bottle, though. Well, I can’t be sure of that actually.


    • I got them at my local craft/fabric shop here in Australia called Spotlight. I bet you could find something similar online though. They came in a pack of 6. Good luck if you go searching – I hope you find some v because they are cute and v. handy!

  2. oooh these look good. i’ve been drinking the odd brandy and dry lately, perhaps I should channel my mother in the 80s and try your sherry too?!
    ps I loved seeing your victoria spring designs spoon too, I used to work there and loved making those sweet spoons.

    • Mmmmm, brandy and dry. Mmmmm, sherry. Mmmmm, shandy. I am old before my time. I googled Victoria Spring Designs because was excited to learn more about her dipped spoons but to no avail. Can you email me with a link or give me some more info? Fascinated to know more.


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