Easter bunny poo as gifts.

Do you know, some friends thought I might run the risk of being called up before Sophia’s school principal for doling these out? But I checked with her class teacher and she said it would be funny (and okay). So I’m totally blaming her if I’m given a dressing down for being too cheeky.

Honestly, an egg is great but chocolate bunny poo…well, that’s going to make kids laugh. Kids like me, anyway.

Did anyone else do little classmate gifts that were out of the ordinary? Or indeed, scatalogical?


8 thoughts on “Easter bunny poo as gifts.

  1. WAY better than an egg. Kids + Poo = giggles. You have to let us know if you get summonsed though!

    I’m so going to borrow this idea for my nieces’ & nephews’ Easter pressies ­čÖé

  2. Love it! Also, hope you dont mind but I pinned it to Pinterest and it’s been repinned 8 times already in half an hour so obviously everyone else thinks it’s funny too!

  3. mwahaha! Great (gutter!!) minds…the kids and I are midway through repackaging bunny poo for their classmates,too! Love the wee rhyme – I’m still figuring out the wording…and I confess my inner 11 year old is having a ball with all the double entendres!

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