An Easter headband

After distressing my first-born with an over-the-top bonnet last year, I decided to take a minimalist approach for 2012.

I found this headband form at my local craft shop, covered it in some vintage fabric that I think looks delightfully like a grassy, flowery field. Then made a bit of cardboard banner and glued two little chicks on.

You should have seen the relief on aforesaid daughter’s face when I showed it to her. I had discussed it with her beforehand and we had decided on 2 chicks rather than 4,000 but I could still see she was happy that it was, as promised, relatively understated.

PS: The bunny poo  – which came from here  –

went down a treat and I think I’ve avoided a caning by the headmaster.  Bit of a pity really.


4 thoughts on “An Easter headband

  1. You crack me up with the chocolate bunny ‘trail’. Ha! That might just be the perfect thing at our son’s school for their spring celebration. And the headband is dear. The two are a perfect mix of sweet and cheek. : )

  2. Ha, I too was also traumatised with an over the top Easter hat one year, it had a bunny in a basket, atop a big round plate! Love this one you have made 🙂

  3. Hello, I found your blog through’s gorgeous and you are hilarious. Am loving last year’s bonnet and this year’s headband, too pretty! Sadly my older children’s schools don’t embrace the joy of the bonnet parade, so have all hope pinned on my little baby! Happy Easter!

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