Soap confetti – the easy way

Lots of left over soap scraps after my soap confetti experiments.

I attacked them with a sharp knife as though I were chopping herbs. Very therapeutic it was too.

I put the whole lot in a left-over jam jar (thanks Bonne Maman for giving us such lovely jam and such good jars) but was unhappy with the lid colour.

So ignoring the mountain of clothes that needed folding, I spray painted it cream. And a very amateur job I did indeed. Having said that, it fared no worse than the clothes in the folding basket would have.

From a distance it’s lovely though. So promise me you’ll keep your distance from¬† the lid. But get up close to the soap – it’s luminescent.

One thought on “Soap confetti – the easy way

  1. Beautiful! It looks like those little sherbert pip sweeties I liked as a child…gave you mouth ulcers if you ate too many, but lovely. I sooooooo want a soak in that fab bath now. Kim x

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