A nice bit of (homemade) crumpet

It’s been an unusual week. It’s just gently flowed by in a bit of a haze rather than the usual lurching hither and thither. Which was nice.

In keeping with the slow and gentle rhythm, we made crumpets on the weekend.

I used a recipe very similar to this one by Delia Smith.

They were delicious and felt so very right for the grey, cold weather that is suddenly assailing us after weeks of crystalline Autumn sunshine.

I totally poked extra holes in top with a skewer.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend full of crumpet-equivalent food. Or indeed,  just a nice bit of crumpet.


5 thoughts on “A nice bit of (homemade) crumpet

    • Oh noooo, I’d send some if I thought they’d survive the rough treatment! They’re gentle little things.


  1. Crumpets? Those look suspiciously like english muffins without the cornmeal… Am I on to something, here? Either way, I think we’ll try them for our next lazy weekend. Looking forward to it already. 🙂

    • No, they’re a little bit cakier or scone-ier (it’s a word) than English muffins – which we have here in Oz and love. I’m going to admit something here I wouldn’t usually in public: my favourite topping is sharp cheddar and mashed banana. Together. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Oh, okay. Knock it.


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