LOVE: Cat caves

There’s only one thing holding me back from buying one of these hilariously Hobbit-ish cat caves from Etsy shop Grazim :

I don’t have a cat.

But this is making me alternatively laugh, pull back in horror and “awwwwww” so much that I’m thinking of buying one  – just to see it curled up in here like this freaky puss:

All images from Grazim Etsy shop.


This is part of a new series simply called ‘LOVE:’

I buy lots of handmade stuff and see so much great stuff in my webby wanderings and have decided to start sharing a bit more of that on the off chance you might like some of it too.

I came to this decision after a blog I’ve started following recently featured two things, among others,  in the space of weeks – that I bought. I’ll link you to that blog when I post about aforesaid things.

Also, two real-life friends have  recently told me that they bought a copy of Action Pack after seeing it in my sidebar and that they would love other recommendations.

Finally, I love it when people point me to cool bits and pieces that I fall in love with and can then buy with the simple click of a button. It leaves me so much more time to browse the internet for someone selling freaky cats in my area.

Afterall, I do spend a veritable shitload of time oohing and aahing  over stuff I find of the internet. NOT pornographic stuff, mind.

That’s over on my other blog.

7 thoughts on “LOVE: Cat caves

  1. OMG the inappropriate comments that are coming to mind are causing my mind to seize…Mrs Sloecome (however that is spelt) would be impressed that you have been able to put such a posting on with out a gratuitous joke! They are cute though! Who knew you could have such a giggle at a craft blog!

    • I can’t think what you’re talking about; I’m just posting pictures of a cosy little pussy.

  2. Those ‘Hobbit-ish’ caves are gorgeous. Our fluffy little puss would look great in one of those. Dare I say, our cat is somewhat similar to the model – a beautiful shaded silver Persian with a little ‘skwooooshy’ face. Thanks for sharing your intriguing and humorous find. Keep up the interesting blogs, they always bring a smile and inspiration.

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