The opposite of generational change.

I posted recently about our trip to New Zealand and particularly about a spot that has been where my handsome husband’s family have holidayed for a very long time: Bethell’s Beach.

After she read that post, my darling mum-in-law sent me these photos.

The one at the top is of my mother-in-law in the creek at around the same age Olive is now. I love the lone bach on the hill behind her.

I always think of Andrew and his siblings playing there when they were kids but of course his link to this part of the world, and the creek in particular, goes back generations. Such a special thing.

I don’t know when this next photo dates from but presumably some time in the 19th century.

It’s very comforting that not that much has really changed.


2 thoughts on “The opposite of generational change.

  1. You evoked so many memories – kids, sand, sun, water – what a wonderful combination! I get through the winter remembering the feel of warm sand, the gentle shoosh of waves as they creep up the beach, and flares of sunshine dancing on ripples — balm to the soul on life’s dark days.

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