Ice skating on the beach

Spring is so very sprung here in the Southern part of the world, but before I kick off my shoes and go running naked through fields of flowers just yet, I did want to share one last wintry adventure with you.

And for those of you in the North (ooooh, sounding very Game of Thrones there – but not meaning to suggest you’re wildlings – not that there’s anything wrong with that) this might be a little teaser of what’s just around your seasonal corner.

Here in Australia, we don’t go in for any of that indoor or frozen lake skating rubbish (the kind of rubbish that’s on my bucket list). Nah, we just chuck a tent up on the beach. On.the.beach. ‘

It felt incongruous to be skating around on ice while people walked past on the beach and lights twinkled on the water. Incongruously fun.

I know these photos are blurry and bit dark (camera phone shots – I LOVE camera phones) but they do kind of capture the cosy zooming-ness of it all.


a. thank Gaga for this plastic balancing seal. I would have been on my arse the entire time without it. And the kids can sit on them. Genius really.
b see the lights reflecting on the water behind us?
c. this little one was not letting go.

This last one kind of sums it up. Blurry, golden-light-tinged good fun.



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