LOVE: Due Punti silicone diamond rings

I’m not so much in love with these colourful rings as TOTALLY obsessed. I discovered them last year and they made beautiful (although slightly extravagant but I couldn’t resist ’em)  Christmas and birthday gifts for a few special people in my life.

(This photo: Due Punti website.)

I got two.

I usually wear them together but quite like the subtle look of one as well (although not so great on heat-swollen fingers).

Made in Italy, “due punti” means “two points” in Italian and the diamonds are set between two flat points of silver.

I love the juxtaposition of the colourful silicone and diamond. The diamonds are real, by the way. They’re only .o2 of a carat which means they’re so small that if the jeweller accidentally sniffed while setting them he’d probably inhale a few. Despite their diminutive size, these mere hints of diamond sparkle like a footballer’s girlfriend on the Brownlow red carpet. Only tastefully.

I think these would make the perfect engagement holding ring ie, the ring you might get in the interim while you choose the one you’ll wear forever. At $99AUS they really are pretty reasonably priced.

(This photo: Due Punti website.)

Do you like these rings or think diamonds and plastic should never meet? What colour would you buy?

Email me if you want to know where I bought mine (in Australia).

12 thoughts on “LOVE: Due Punti silicone diamond rings

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    • Thanks for that link Kate. I had a look and they are even more reasonably priced than I had thought. I’ll let people know.

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  3. Hi… not sure if you follow this post still, but I had a question. Would this be a terribly stupid engagement ring? I’m a broke grad student, and don’t have a lot of cash… they sell them in her favorite color

    • Hi Nate. I don’t know what kind of person your girlfriend is, so can only speak to how I would feel. And personally I would feel delighted. I’ve often thought they would make fabulous engagement rings – such a change from the normal stuff, a bit of fun, vaguely customisable through colour and a real diamond to boot. A mere sliver of a diamond yes, but a real bit nonetheless.
      Look, to be completely frank, if you think your gal would be disappointed if she didn’t get proper diamonds or a more traditional ring then maybe this isn’t the ring for you. But if she’s not that kind of person and likes something a bit left of usual and would appreciate whatever token of your undying love you want to give, then I imagine she would be thrilled. And if she’s somewhere in-between those two spots, then it might make a great interim ring. Like a pre-engagement, hold-the-fiancee kind of thing!
      Whatever you decide, I think she’s a lucky girl to have someone like you who clearly cares enough to worry about making the right choice. So whatever you settle on, best of luck with your future – I wish you much love and happiness.

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