Edible Christmas

This is verging on the ridiculous but my window of opportunity with our little girls is increasingly narrow. Accordingly, everything on our tree, bar the actual tree itself, edible. A kind of Christmasy, sugar-plum wonderland.

I ordered three bulk lots of gorgeous US-style starlight mints and got to work with my trusty hot glue gun. It’s not the Christmas season without hot glue burns I always say.

Starlight mint bauble with description

Some colourful wreaths.

Jube wreath close up with description

They were sticky little buggers to make.

Threading jube wreath

And some more colour.

Licorice allsort decoration close up with description

I strung these licorice allsorts on a jewellery head pin and used my pliers to twist the other end to make a loop for hanging.

Some Terry’s Chocolate Oranges as baubles.

Terry's Choc Orange bauble

And some colourful Lindt Ball baubles.

Lindt ball bauble

For weeks the sweet trove of decorations on our mantle piece slowly grew.

Decorations ready to go on tree

And my little girls were remarkably restrained. We did have some casualties though.

This had been nibbled as it hung.

Nibbled licorice decoration

And this deflated bauble was discovered under Sophia’s pillow one morning.

Empty lindt ball deco

Love it. I would have been worried if they hadn’t.

Starlight mint bauble on tree Licorice Allsort decoration Jube wreath on tree

The tree, though, is not quite as spectacular as it was. The bottom of the tree was not that bare when we set it up last week. It has been slowly denuded over 1o days. The baby Bettys and I have shocking sweet tooths and have not won awards for our willpower. But since when has Christmas been a time for willpower?

Christmas Tree 2012

I’m going to make a few more decos to replenish it next week.

Coming up: the creamy toffee star…

8 thoughts on “Edible Christmas

  1. Twirling Betty,
    You never fail to inspire with your craftiness and creativity!
    I love reading your blog so much.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. That’s awesome. I love licorice allsorts. Have I told you about my not so edible, but food-based, cinnamon and applesauce “cookie” ornaments? Makes the house smell like the entrance to an American supermarket (they pump in fragrance to get you in the moooooood). Love.

    Also, not Terrys. Mine.


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