Advent Calendar 2012

Advent pictures

Advent calendars. What’s not to love?

This year, I bought Draw Pilgrim’s printable advent calendar* – gorgeous graphics you ┬áprint out and glue to match boxes.

Day 2 advent calendar

Because I always get way too excited and plan way too much in December (whaddya mean having your floorboards re-polished one week before Christmas isn’t a great idea?) it should come as no surprise to me that instead of the 24 little matchboxes all piled up on the mantelpiece, what we actually have is a situation where I climb out of bed bleary-eyed each morning and am greeted by two little girls who want nothing more than that day’s matchbox. Yep, it’s all about the little gifts.

Day 6 advent calendar 2

So I quickly cut and paste and stuff a trinket or sweet in and hand it over. There is, at least, no less magic in it for them.

Day 3 advent calendar

And when I wanted to give something a bit less diminutive, I used the boxes to store little treasure hunt notes.

Day 5 advent calendar

I wish someone would make me an advent calendar like this. They’re the perfect size for 24 days of, say, diamond jewellery. No pressure, Andrew. You’ve got the next 12 months to prepare.

*Pilgrim only puts her advent calendar printable in in the lead up to each year’s Christmas. Shoot her an email and she’ll let you know when it’s available again. Also, if you don’t want to buy match boxes, her printable includes little box making templates and instructions.


7 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2012

  1. SOLD!!! They look amazing. Do you think I could ask my wife to make a little matchbox for me for each day of next year? It would make my day. But perhaps I just love the pictures on your sight.

    Question? What did you do with the 1200 matches? Build a stick house for a small pig? Get into the pryo game? Strip the heads done and reexport the phosphorous back to Nauru?

    • Ahhhh Maxie, I can’t believe you’re drunk again and it’s not even the afternoon. Re-export them to Nauru indeed. No, no, I tied them in a big bundle and will be using them as a spectacular topper for setting the plum pudding alight. If that doesn’t cause more fireworks on Christmas day than having the whole family together, I don’t know what will.

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