Our Christmas drinks party: beer, tacos and a hot Melbourne night.

Nothing says Christmas like beer and tacos.

El cielo

(Photo from El Cielo)

I wanted to throw a small soiree before Christmas to celebrate with family.

El Cielo, an authentic Mexican bakery opened up near us recently. They make fresh tortillas to order.

Ever since they opened, I’ve been dreaming about a warm evening, good buddies, tacos and Mexican beer with a slice of lime in the neck of the bottle.

Only I don’t drink beer so after I dreamed a little bit of beer (because I do love the idea if not the reality) , I started dreaming of fresh peach margaritas instead – the reality of which I adore just as much as the idea.

Wish I had photos of the evening  but I was too busy loving  it.

I do, however, have photos of the invitations.

Christmas drink invitations

I ordered tonnes of fresh tortillas and made huge platters of  slow-cooked pulled pork (carnitas) and a spicy shredded chicken. Then  I just made additions galore:  queso blanco (a fresh, ricotta-like cheese), radish wafers, pickled carrot, fresh and pickled jalapeno chillies, pico de gallo which is a fresh salsa of tomatoes, onion, jalapenos and coriander, sour cream, finely shredded cabbage and fresh coriander. I also bought 4  colourful bottles of delicious sauce from a wonderful international food and wine shop I’m lucky enough to have in my local strip. Hot, smoky, sweet and hot. And also hot. Did I mention hot?

Taco sauces

We had Mexican beer, awesome mariachi music and a cracking good time on a hot, Melbourne night.

A very hot Melbourne night. The mercury hit 39 degrees Celsius.  That’s almost hotter than a habanero my friends.

Text in Christmas drink invitations

These are the other invitations I made but that didn’t make the cut. They were perty , just not quite right for what I had in my mind’s eye. But you never know until you make them.

This one was too fiesta:

Christmas drinks invitation

This one was not quite, um, something enough:

Christmas drinks invitation 2

This one was cute but too candy cane-ish:

Christmas card with candy cane and washi tape

These ones were  juuuuust right.

Christmas drinks invitations and Christmasy polar bear

Oh, sorry, I meant to say, nothing says Christmas like beer and tacos and a polar bear wrapped in flashing lights.


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