Summer snapshots

Punnet of blueberries

The Australian continent has spent sizeable chunks of the last month labouring under a Dome of Heat. It warrants capital letters.  Might even warrant a stentorian, drawn-out delivery like the beginning of Lost in Space. Doooooome of Heeeeeeeeaaaatttt.

Fish and Chips on 90 Mile Beach

Parts of the country have experienced temps so soaring and sustained that the Bureau of Meteorology has had to add a never-before-seen searing hot pink colour to its thermal maps to represent the high temperatures.

Lakes prawning boat

Here in Melbourne, we had a few days above 40 Celsius and many in the high 30s but we’ve also had lots of milder, beautiful summer days. Victoria has really not suffered at all compared to other parts of the country.

Rural view

In some central Australian towns, backpackers have been basically taken up residence in the aisles of air-conditioned supermarkets and people have been frying eggs on the pavement. Because, you know, nothing tastes as good as an egg caked in asphalt grit and dirt.

Olive wrapped in towel

I just hope we can keep bush fires at bay for the rest of the season.


All the photos in this post are from around the Gippsland Lakes where we traditionally spend our holidays. It’s a magical spot.

New York Yacht Club boat

This year we only had short time there from the end of December to the start of January but it was no less awesome for so little time.

Figs ripenening on the tree

We spent time sourcing summer fruit in beautiful countryside, watching boats sail past and just generally relaxing.

Handful of raspberries

Of the berry farms we visited, the raspberry farm was my favourite. Not only because raspberries are the best of all berries but also because they collect the raspberries they gather here in these old prams. Like precious, tiny, juicy babies.

Prams for the raspberries

School and kinder start back in earnest tomorrow and I’m hoping my weeks will soon start to take on a more settled routine.

I’ll be back with a little more regularity shortly. Starting back with a little creative decorating idea tomorrow.

.90 Mile Beach

I missed you my possums. Hope everyone is tip top.

Fistfuls of raspberries

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