LOVE: Tattly temporary tattos

Tattly Popsicle

LOVE these Tattly temporary tattoos from New York very much. They have the best designs – with new ones added every week.

I really don’t want my girls to get permanent tattoos. Anywhere. Ever. But these temporary ones are a bit of fun and I reason that they might even water down any appeal that permanent tattoos might present in their future.

Popsicle tattoos

Or they might go ahead and attempt to send me to an early grave by getting something permanent like this:

Grandma tattoo

I saw this gal in my local supermarket and had to stop her to ask about her tattoo – and take a photo of it  – how could I not? It’s a portrait of her grandmother and she said that while her parents were kind of horrified, they were, at least, happy with the subject matter. Her grandmother was touched. My aversion to its permanence aside, I can’t help but think it’s awesome.

For those of us, though, who suffer from fear of commitment, here is just a tiny selection of some other Tattly temporary designs.


You can see all their designs here.

All I can say is that given the way my body is behaving at, ahem, thirty-something I am SO pleased I never got that heart tattoo, the idea of which I toyed with in my late teens. UGH! At this rate it would have looked less like a heart and more like a melted m&m. Mmmm, delicious.

The photos in this post are actually from October 2011. That’s how long I’ve been meaning to post this. Yep. I’m on top of EVERYTHING.


One thought on “LOVE: Tattly temporary tattos

  1. Slippery slope, Trenny, from Popsicle to Permanent! Jude can look forward to seeing herself on Sophia’s upper arm in a few years. 🙂

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