Washi tape jam jar lids: how-to

 Washi tape confetti jam jar lid

Ahhhh washi tape: is there anything thou canst not improve?

confetti washi tape jam jar lids

I have been bottling up a storm lately. Well, when I say lately, I pretty much just mean today. I bought 17kg of tomatoes at the farmers’ market this morning and at this point have 4kgs worth bottled and sitting on my shelf contemplating a saucy life. But more on my direct transition from my thirties to nonna-hood in a later post.

  Jam jar lids with washi tape

For now, I wanted to share another way you can use washi tape; to prettify the lids of your homemade bottled stuff.

Washi tape strips on jam jar lidI LOVE giving away bottles of stuff I’ve made but I’m always slightly irked by the crappy lids on my oft-recycled jars and bottles. Baking paper and baker’s twine are nice but they are outta there once the bottle is opened for the first time.

Washi tape around edge of jam jar lid_edited-1

Decorate your tops with washi tape and the lids will stay as perty as your preserves within.

Trio of washi taped lids

If your lids are a dark colour or heavily patterned, pop a small disc of white paper on top before you start to washi (yes, it’s a verb now too) so your tape is light and bright.

Strips of washi tape on white disc

Trim overhanging bits with an exacto knife or that surgical scalpel you’ve had lying about in the top drawer.

Trim edge of washi tape from jam jar lid

PS: The stuff in these bottles was meant to be plum jam but it never set. So I called it plum sauce. And it was delish on crepes.

6 thoughts on “Washi tape jam jar lids: how-to

  1. I hope they were BIRTHDAY crepes… and you were thoroughly spoiled. Any pictures of cake?

    Love this, such a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that one. And I want some matie sauce., not the sugar syrup they call ketchup over here… unless it’s more of a sugo? Which is still better than the sugar syrup they call tomato sauce over here…


    • Not birthday crepes I’m afraid and there was no cake. But there was pizza! And Sri Lankan curries. And dinner out coming up. I’ll let the cake thing slide for now.
      Yes, it’s dinki di matie sauce. Now, if you’d just come home, I would fill a bath tub full of it and bathe you in it. Not in a dodgy way.

  2. aaaw this is a cute lovely idea. Like it. mostly i use paint for them or just paper with some glue. but this is smarter.:XD
    Thank you for the sharing of the idea.;-D

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