Someone forgot to tell the berries…

Pav 2

that Autumn has arrived.

Poor berries can’t be blamed; temps will continue in the 30s (celsius) for the next week and are predicted to reach 37 degrees next Wednesday.

I hate to wish a season away but I am SO ready to have a night under the covers instead of on top of them. And a slow-cooked stew. And a snuggle under a blanket on the couch.

In the meantime, though, I’ll keep making the most of summer’s bounty. Even if raspberries have suddenly shot back up to Autumnal prices of $7 a punnet!


I actually don’t even like pavlova. Which potentially makes me un-Australian. But I do love cooking meringue. So perhaps that earns me a pardon.

11 thoughts on “Someone forgot to tell the berries…

    • It would be nice if we were in the 20s with the odd 30s day – but lots of 7 day runs of over 30degrees and then this one which is now tipped to topple all previous records in terms of the number of consecutive days above 30 degrees…too much! It’s kind of tolerable in the low thirties but when the mercury starts nudging 40, I start dreaming of 12!

  1. It is 10 degree celsius here in England with the threat of more wintry weather to come – would LOVE a heatwave! Maybe we could swap weather for a month!

  2. How would berries know what season it is! They dont’ have iphones, so they won’t have those weather apps that we need so much.

    P.S. Please mail me that pavlova. You aren’t un-Australian for disliking it, it was invented by NZers, so at worst you are un-kiwi.

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