Easter wrap up – some eggs, the cranky bunnies and other Easterphanalia.

Hundreds and thousnads Easter egg

Easterphanalia. It is definitely a word.

The Easter bunny arrived bright and early on Sunday morning. He left some beautiful eggs this year.

chocolate bunniesSpeckled candy eggs

Golden egg

chocolate lettersI was really very impressed with the way he managed to find some unusual ones. He’s a bunny after my own heart, that one.

Plastic bag bunny

Also, a most peculiar thing happened last week – apart from the miracle of the bunny-shaped bread.

There was a sharp knock at our door but when I answered there was no one there. Just a faint smell of cinnamon and chocolate wafting on the air. On the doormat was a tiny box. Inside the box were some colourful beans. Magical beans.

Olive with orange magic bean

The kids were very excited to hear my tale and on Saturday afternoon we planted our magic beans in the garden with much anticipation and speculation.

Planting magic beans

Magic beans in the ground

Watering the magic beans

The next morning, there were cries of astonishment when the girls discovered that, overnight, lollipops had sprung up from where the beans had been planted. Lollipops with swirls of colour the same as the beans they had planted.

Sprouted lollipop

Olive eating lollipop_edited-1

By the way, did you know my 7 year old can read and has been known to read stuff over my shoulder? I”m just sayin’.

It seems that this miraculous sprouting first happened here.

The cranky bunnies were a big hit.

I turned these beautiful Italian liquorice tins into little bunny beds.

licorice tins

The grumpy ones got heart-shaped tails and cosy bedding in an effort to cheer them up.

back of little bunny

bunny in a tin

It didn’t work. Man, they are perpetually pissed off.

2 bunnies ina  tin_edited-1

And here was how we packaged up our bunny poo this year. Once again it was a huge hit with kids at kinder and school and among the more immature adults, ie, my friends.

Bags of bunny poo 2

Hope you all had a really lovely Easter and are slowly but surely recovering from the chocolate binge.

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